Can you get glasses for one eye?!

Question: Can you get glasses for one eye?
One of my eyes is a bad eye were I can't see good, but only if I cover the other. Is there glasses only for one eye??



Yes, dear.

No one has two eyes that are exactly the same...that is why they check BOTH eyes when you go to an optometrist!

The eye doctor will make sure that if you don't need a magnified lens in one eye that one won't be magnified. (just a regular lens)

Been wearing glasses for almost all of my life and both lenses are completely different from each other.

Well, you can get a pair of prescription glasses. What the doctor will do is make the side where your eye is bad to have a prescription. The good eye, he'll say is "plano," which means the lens for that eye won't have any power at all.


Yes, of course they can do that. What they do is give you a regular pair of glasses, but one is much stronger than the other. Nobody wears a monocle anymore. 8^) (Except Mr. Peanut!)

No, your eye doctor will examine and prescribe the appropriate corrective lens for each eye...if one eye needs less correction, that will be taken into account.

like a monicle? lol or you can get diferent strengths in the lenses, same with contacts :)

No but you can get a old fashioned monacle

Yessss, one side will have prescription and the other is just clear...

no i don't think thats possible

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