What could be some of the reasons my eyes are red?!

Question: What could be some of the reasons my eyes are red?
Would could be some of the reasons my eyes are a little red?
Hello there!
Well, my cornea seems to be red all the time! Not too red, and not really bloodshot...just red. I doubt that I'm allergic to anything.
They get watery, and tears start running down my face.
And I'm just worried. I thought everybody had the slightest bit of red eyes, but everyone else's seem to be so white! I mean, I get proper rest (most often), I don't drink caffeine, I do have prescription glasses only for my left eye, but I never wear them, and I highly doubt I'm allergic to anything.

What could be some reasons for my cornea being a little red all the time, and why do my eyes get watery so often?
FYI: It's been happening to BOTH of my eyes, not just one.
Thank you so much for you're time, and take care!


u have pink eye pretty sure of it if u dnt know what that is look it up

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