How is being too close to the T.V whilst you're watching it dangerous for y!

Question: How is being too close to the T.V whilst you're watching it dangerous for your vision?
I need to find the right way for my children to understand thanks.


It's not actually bad for your eyes. When TVs were first coming out, the "sitting too close" aspect was because TVs were known to put out levels of radiation. If your television was built after January 15, 1970 it conforms with a Federal standard limiting x-ray emissions from TV receivers to 0.5 milliroentgen per hour (mR/hr).

Childrens' eyes actually have a much easier time focusing on a television at a short distance than an adult's do!

Sometimes it's still a little annoying when they sit too close so tell them to scoot back or they can't watch it

with the old cathode ray tube tvs the light is direct and intense, and it can burn into your retinas

but the lcd and plasma are less bright and projection tv is safest of all since there is NO direct light at all

first it could send radio-active waves just like a microwave.

second too much light with concentration on it could burn your eyes. If you stare at the tv way too long its just like looking at the sun for 1 second.

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