Is it necessary to wear toric lenses or i could just wear regular contact lense?!

Question: Is it necessary to wear toric lenses or i could just wear regular contact lense?
* I have an astigmatism of -75 on both eyes and is it necessary for me to wear toric lenses?
* What if i chose to wear regular contact lenses only?

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Depends on what the whole prescription is....knowing just the cylinder part doesn't help much.

The sphere power makes all the difference as to whether you can get away with a regular lens or not.


So it's - 4.50 - 0.75 X axis #

You shouldn't be needing torics with that much sphere power. Regular lenses would work as well 99.9 % of the time.


I am the same!!

But the sad thing my eye doctor told me is that if u warranty regular contact lenses it will cause seriousss damage. For one, if u have astigmatism the regular contact lenses wont fit bv it is CIRCULAR. toric lenses are shaped to "fit" ur eyes, due to astigmatism.

(Astigmatism is basically when ur eyes are "longer" or more narrow ... while normal eyes are circular)
Toric lenses will HELP get rid of astigmatism! :)

P.s try ACUVE CONTACTS!!! they're great brand

Hope i helped! Best of luck!!

Toric lenses are made for people who have an astigmatism. It has weights in there that balance the lenses on your eyes. Regular lenses would move around a lot and can be discomforting.

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