I Didn't Have my period yet... But How Can I Tell My Dad That I Want Tampons!

Question: Im 12... and I think i will have my period soon. But... is it true that after you get your first zit... you will get your period about 2 weeks after?

And I want to be prepared... so how do i tell my dad? I cant tell anyone else but him.

Answers: Im 12... and I think i will have my period soon. But... is it true that after you get your first zit... you will get your period about 2 weeks after?

And I want to be prepared... so how do i tell my dad? I cant tell anyone else but him.

Do you ever go shopping with him? If so, then get some tampons and put them in the shopping cart and tell him you want some of them--though you should also get some pads and some pantyliners, because you don't know how heavy your period will be and it's useful to keep your options open. On your heaviest days, you should have a pantyliner in addition to a tampon, anyway. When you put them in the cart, if your dad asks you about it, tell him that you want to be ready when the time comes, but it hasn't yet.

Another option is to write your dad a note, telling him what you want and why. Something simple like "dad, when you go to the store, can you get me some tampons--"Tampax Pearl Lite" or "Playtex Gentle Glide Multipack"--because that's what your friends told you was best, and you want to be sure you're ready when the time comes, to save you an embarrassing incident in public.

Or, you can just come out and tell him. He's your dad, he loves you, and he knows you'll be a little shy about these kinds of things, but he'll be glad you told him.

Another option--you can order them to be delivered by drugstore.com. You can pick out what you want on the screen, then ask your dad to pay with his credit card (or a check). Shipping free if you buy more than a certain amount, and it's more private.

haha the zit thing is a myth, completely. Just tell your dad when you actually start your period. Or walk to the store and buy them with your own money.

Just tell him straight up. he will probably be thrilled that you feel like you can tell him anything and that you are comfortable enough to tell him what you need. Good luck

It isn't true that after you get your first zit that you get your period, that is just a myth. Since you are only 12 I would recomend using pads first. You should tell your Dad when you start your period. If you really want tampons, but don't want to tel your Dad, save up some money and buy them for yourself. good luck.

There's no avoiding it, you just have to tell him.
He'll understand.

When you have your first period, you should use pads. Younger kids like us, shouldnt use tampons. At my school, we have an off campus lunch.....so we can each where we want. Near my school we have a Shoppers Centre.......if you have an off-campus........!!!!!!!.....''//;.;.'....
You could save up some money..and buy some PADS!!!!@

AH!!!!! Pad monster

hey sweetie
no its not true when you ahve your first zit you start ypur peirods after ... you might have a zit for any reson but mosly when your going threw pubety..that does not mean that you are going to start your peirod soon but cause your 12 they are probz are on its way if i was you when you get it .. or even now just say dad ive started but i would rather by the pads or what ever you use he will understnad hun anyway when they come dont worry every 1 on here is always here 4 u :) if you need any more help AIM me my screen name is lilhezxx
or email me hope i helped
xxx heather

okay 1st go to ur dad(make sure ur not in public like @ home or sumthing) tell him dad"we need to go by some "femine stuff"(girl stuff like pads) so can u take me to the store or when u go to the store, tell me so i can go pick them out, i haven't u no started but i wanna be ready."-he knows what femine stuff is anyways.

2nd i don't think you should start of with tampons cuz a young girl (im not old so just saying i know what ur going through) shouldn't start with that cuz u can get hurt....&& u don't know how hard u come down yet. so trust me when ur older u can but not yet =]

You are worrying about this WAY TOO MUCH. Every girl in history has went through the same thing, no one will make fun of you.

ok so...
dis is what you tell da daddy
I am woman now
and my vag bleed once da month
i need da plugs
so give me da money *****

No, they will not tell everyone. I'm sure your Aunt won't blab it all over the place like you think.

Just ask your dad for money to get some "female things".

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