How Can I Improve my Sexual Appetite ?!

Question: I'm a female 34 years old i'm going through alot of mental and fisical change and because of this my husband beend suffering the consequenses,. Is there any type of medication you may know about that i can use? something like VIAGRA but for woman

Answers: I'm a female 34 years old i'm going through alot of mental and fisical change and because of this my husband beend suffering the consequenses,. Is there any type of medication you may know about that i can use? something like VIAGRA but for woman

Sadly, There actually is but the FDA would not approve because not enough research has been done. Maybe in a couple of years(fingers crossed) we'll have something for this
very real problem.


Viagra? So you want a bigger vagina?

masturbate in public

Talk to your doctor...I'm sure there's medication to help out.

Try Porn

yes. another man.

just have a spicy affair with me and that will do the trick


will you leave ur husband for me?

I would say you either need to find a man your age with a healthy sexual appetite or find a younger man to rekindle your passion for the art of sex.

maybe you two just need a break from each other and put in some alone time. how's the REST of the relationship going?

have an affair with ayoung buck like me (21 not too young) and i guarentee that will spice ur love life back up... i have helped about 4 ppl your age :D

Try Pastoral counseling.... Studies have shown that people who have faith have better sex lives than those who don't have faith. Maybe you and your husband need a little faith in God?

steel libido for women is something you can get from gnc, ive tried it before and it helps, but its doesnt work miracles.

what changes? the best approach is to simply add the spice to your sexual experiances, 34 is nothing for women, bordom is, if your love making has stalled, so does your appitite for it, try new things in the bedroom, or even prior to that , if you contact me, I can go over some, hope this helps

There is a medication, but I am not sure of the name of it. I'm sure if you addressed the mental and physical problems you are having, you will notice and increase in your sex drive. Please consider seeing a therapist before taking any medication.

Yes you can improve your sexual appetite by working out regularly at the gym to stimulate your libdio to another level and also there is some viagra type cream that you apply to your clit and vaginal opening that can arouse it sensitivity and stimulation to even greater heights.

I read somewhere that Viagra is soon coming out with a pill specifically for women.

Nah, you need to work on the place your "sexy" is - in your head! You need to get more sleep, wear sexy underwear all day, read gothic romances (just the sexy bits), eat with your hands, etc. Do some yoga and some lower body work to get better blood flow down there. Get a device and work yourself up with it sometimes. Get some KY. Get a massage. Get a makeup makeover. Get a Brazilian wax. Think less about other junk and more about sex - that will do it.

mental distress is always a problem when it comes to the sexual desires...either something doesn't work properly, or you just don't want it at all. the only solution you'll get from anyone (including doctors) deal with whats stressing you out, or see a shrink an tell them what's going on if you cant tell anyone else. once you deal with mental anguish, you'll feel better resulting in you physical changes goin back to "normal state". unless youre pregnant... then no getting around that, but still deal with the stress, because that's not gonna be good for the kid.

Check into herbal remedies. Ask your doctor. If you are taking any type of anti-depressants, know that these can negatively effect your sexual desire. You can try progesterone cream, possibly testosterone (only with your doctor's approval and prescription), or go to the store and get some personal lubricant.

Exercise, get things out of the bedroom that don't belong there, make a conscious plan with yourself to be ready for a romantic, soft, bedtime at the same time every night. Doesn't have to lead to sex, but be feminine and romantic. Maybe a nice hot bath, soft music, etc.

Another idea is to tell your husband that you 2 should plan to only kiss and pet, but not make love. You must not actually make love. (Bet you do).

Have fun, and good luck!

Try sensual massages, go shopping with your husband at an "adult" store and get some "toys" and lingerie.... have a romantic dinner together, wear nice lingerie under your clothes that'll make you feel sexy all porn with your husband- that should help you get into the mood. Even if you aren't in the mood when he is, at least *try* to have sex anyway- I find that once you start you'll eventually get into the mood anyway...sometimes it's just hard to start but once you do, you'll get turned on and have a great time!

Go to the salon and get your hair done, buy some new makeup, pamper yourself- make yourself feel beautiful and sexy. You'll be surprised at what a trip to the salon and Victoria's Secret can do for you!! Maybe you just feel like you are in a rut right now.

Good Luck hun!!

Most medication the side affects are loss of sexual appetite. I would stay away from them,
You mabey need time to yourself, why not book a weekend away for your self or even go on a girlie night out, men often notice us more if we do our own thing as we seem more confident.
It can be exhausting trying to get aroused when you have been disappointed, think how your husband feels he prob thinks that hes a failure for not making you orgasim.
Hope this advice helps

he will understand...most men will be supportive....after all its just us all being human.......not sure if what you want exists...but your doctor will....

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