Would men have large silicon testicles if ...?!

Question: women were as attracted to them as we are to their breasts?

Answers: women were as attracted to them as we are to their breasts?

Geez that really puts things in perspective. Well I certainly wouldn't do it.

I don't think so.

Nope, I wouldn't. I kinda like my man marbles. There small, but there cute.

I would probably cut a whole in my pants to let mine hang out. My testicles are pretty huge so there is no need for silicon implants

No. But there ARE implants for what we ARE attracted to.

what size are talking here ??

keep what nature gave you and do not mess with doctors and hospitals if you don' t have to.

happy 2008

You dang well better believe they would! Have you not heard about Viagra and other drugs that enhance those parts that women are attracted to? Men are just as vain as women, maybe moreso, if it gets them what they want - 99% of the day they think only of sexual things. So, with that in mind, it is a wonder someone hasn't already thought up the silicone-implants for balls. They do have them for the penis!

Think you'd like to carry around a set of Double D's in your pants? Be the first to try it, Go get it done and see if we are attracted to it!

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