Im scared of starting my periods?!

Question: i am now at the age where people do star im scared of tellin my mam and what my friends think what are the signs of startin them

Answers: i am now at the age where people do star im scared of tellin my mam and what my friends think what are the signs of startin them

1. Cramps below your belly button, but not all the way down, similar to diarrhea cramps.
2. Mood swings, not necessarily going off on everyone, but possibly random depression, sadness or anger.
3. Cravings for comfort food more than usual (ice cream, chocolate, etc.).
4. Sometimes headaches like to tag along with these other symptoms, along with weakness in your thighs.
5. Your breasts will most likely hurt, or at least be sensitive at some point, same with pubic hair.
6. Random tiredness, fatigue or weakness is quite common too.
7. Bloatedness.
8. White/clear sticky discharge on your underwear.
Midol will help with most of these problems, along with warm baths, heating pads, hot water bottles, exercise, and gentle massages.

Menstrual cramps are believed to be caused by many things, but the sex ed teachers I've had said, and what I've always believed is that the cramps come due to the muscles contracting and twisting, trying to push the blood and lining out of your body. Ways to get rid of them are:
1. Midol (menstrual relief pill), take one or two, depending on how bad the cramping is.
2. Exercise usually helps, try sit-ups, or other exercises that work out your abdomen.
3. Warm baths (not hot because that will make your period heavier) may soothe the pain.
4. Heating pads or hot water bottles where it hurts will help soothe the pain as well.
5. Somehow, bananas help.

There's many explanations for irregular periods.
Some may be:
1. Frequent large amounts of stress, or spontaneous small amounts as well.
2. Health; from as small as a cold to as big as a disease or STD.
3. Activity; if you're suddenly very active (whether it be in sports or just exercise) it will reflect on your period.
4. It depends on how far you are into your period. During the first few years, your period will be very irregular, but eventually it will steady out.
Stress relievers (pills), less physical activity, more experience with menstruation, and diagnosis for your illness will help your period return to normal.

Things I would take with you to school (or any public place) would be: Pads/liners/tampons (whichever you choose to use), maybe an extra pair of underwear, a Midol or two, and if possible, an extra pair of pants (if worst case scenario happens).

Try spell check so that we can understand the question.

You will bleed. That's a pretty good sign that you've started your period. It's no big deal.

There is no reason to be scared. You're mom won't get mad. It's a sign of getting older. You should celebrate! I was scared when I started, I wanted to stay a little kid. And I was in 5th grade!

There is no point in being scared. It is going to happen. There arent alot of signs, you might be a little crampy, then it is there. Have supplies with you and be prepared to use them. It is going to hurt alot and yes it will be embarassing,but every girl goes through it. Just be prepared, that is the best way to handle it.

I am not a girl, but i do indeed know. You should see blood coming out of your vigina. You should (if you are at that stage) feel periodic cramps (cramps near the vigina).
Don't worry about it, talk to your mum, she will understand what you are going through. It is a natural stage in a girls life. My girl friend is having them, she knows what to do. Staying calm, and coping with the pain. Goodluck.

um dont be scared,
every girl gets their period eventually,
and its not that bad.
so signs are-
your body developing
also when you get discharge it means you'll have your period after about a year.

dont be scared!!! its normal and it means your normal i promise youd rather get it then not get it and know your abnormal the bigest sighn that youll get it within the next 2years is discharge clearish or whiteish gooy stuffin your panties but dont worry they normallyarnt to painfull really just take some over the counter pain releaver and get on with your life

Its normal of having a monthly period and you don't need to be scared because you are bleeding. It cleans your system or should i say vagina every time you had your period.

You shouldn't be scared of getting your periods because it isnt really that big of a deal. Its Just your body telling you that you can now have kids.

Normally people tend to get cramps or lower back pain when they start to get their periods. Some people tend to get discharges a few weeks or days before their periods come. Also People might get a bit bloated in the abdomen and gain weight, altough the weight is then lost once your period stops. Some people tend to breakout in pimples also. But some people dont get any warning at all and it just comes naturally. The symptoms tend to differ from person to person.

Your friends or your mum shouldnt be thinking anything because getting your periods is pretty much a fact of life and is normal for all women and teenagers. Your friends are going to get ther periods anyway so they shouldnt be saying anything bad.

aww hunny dont fret you'll be just fine. back when i started my period (many many years ago) i was so terrified about what it would be like. yeah sometimes it totally sucks but everyone youg women* goes through it and the best thing is to just be prepared. if you feel your stomach starting to cramp up the best thing to do would be to wear a panty-liner/pad to bed or school just in case. trust the most embaracing moment of your life is when you are prepared and you bleed through your pants in front of your whole class and you definitely dont want to ruin your bad and roll all in it when your sleeping, but just remember sweety you'll be fine i promise!~ good luck hun=]

Please do not be afraid. It is completely normal, completely healthy, and every girl sooner or later is going to experience the same thing. Not only that, but your mother already has! Certainly she will be most sympathetic and helpful. You do realize that it means that you are growing up! You are becoming a woman! You are going to have to get as much information as you can about menstrual cycles, ovulation, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, tampons, sanitary pads, dating, and you are going to want to learn about what boys your age are going through!!! There is so much to growing up, but take your time, relax, and know that you are not the only one going through it.
I hope you can talk to your mom, but if you can't, maybe there is an older sister, an aunt, a teacher, a girl guide leader, someone older that you trust.
I would say "Good Luck", but you know what? You don't need it. You WILL be fine.

1) Calm down
2) Tell a trusted girl family member or friend, they can calm your fears
this site will help:
good luck

i have no idea why i cried when i got it cause my mom been telling me about it since 4th grade (im in 9th now) but its natural and u should be scared telling ur mom

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