Why did my girlfriend smell bad down there the day she was off her period?!

Question: we were about to have sex and when she pulled her panties off her pad was still on there and had smelled pretty bad

Answers: we were about to have sex and when she pulled her panties off her pad was still on there and had smelled pretty bad

i know the answer to this one . well its because i have the same problem right after when my period is over or maybe 2 weeks after my period is over for a little while my discharge is a little yellow and yellow discharge is normal after the period and they smell a little so that might be one reason. or maybe she is infected like yeast or something. or maybe she just has a body odor that ur not familiar to yet. every women has a body odor especially down there maybe ur not used to hers. or like the others said she didnt take a shower.

There can be an odor if you do not change your pad often enough (every 2 to 4 hours). The odor is caused by the menstrual discharge mixing with air. It is also very important to take a bath or shower every day.

Have you considered using tampons for menstrual protection? Because the tampon collects menstrual fluid BEFORE it leaves your body there is very little odor.

tell her to use soap when she showers

Why does she still have her pad on when it was off?
Probably she didn't wash down there good enough b/c if you don't espically on your period it can smell fishy like.

You shouldn't stick your nose in her business.

probably becuase a bunch of old blood just passed though that area. Use a clothes pin and do you duty. just think if you were in frnace you would have that with your woman every day of the month except the one they bathe on.


she probably rubbed a trout on her vaginal
opening (technically called the vaginus openuptus)

Tell her. Wow. She either didn't clean well enough, or she has a yeast infection. You need to tell her though. She obviously didn't know. If that happened to me, and my husband didn't tell me, I wouldn't be very happy. Be honest.

ew. ha sorry um well..during a period it gets stinky down there so you have to clean really good!

It's poor hygiene on her part. Women don't stink there unless they don't wash themselves or change their pads from time to time. I use tampons and as far as I know, I certainly don't stink.

mm the pad started smelling bad down there?? o_O

did u still have smex =P j/k

Because she didn't shower down there that was the smell of old blood

I mean how embarassed can you be to just be honest with her about her hygiene, you're already intimate with her. You can't get any closer than that!! Maybe from now on, you should just recommend a shower before you make love to her in or out of the shower...This way you don't have those akward moments.

because a period isn't just blood...it's nutrients that build up in the uterus, that way if she becomes pregnant there is enough nutrients to sustane a fetus...sorry but that can have a bad smell sometimes..however, she should prolly change her pad and wash!! that will keep the odor away!

She may have an infection.

She should take care of her hygiene. She should wash her intimate part in order to be fresh and clean.

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