Why do women these day........?!

Question: want to have bigger breast?
why cant they be happy with what they have
they say it would give them more self confidence
but would u trade ur dignity for bigger breast?
what do u girls think..right or wrong?

Answers: want to have bigger breast?
why cant they be happy with what they have
they say it would give them more self confidence
but would u trade ur dignity for bigger breast?
what do u girls think..right or wrong?

I think most women want bigger breasts because that means they get more attention from men. So, obviously any woman who wants larger breasts for that reason has some insecurity issues.

my boobs are big enough thank you.
would not trade anything for bigger ones.

i don't
talk about back problems

Most women are more depressed after a boob job. I personally think natural is always better, but some men pressure their partners into getting it done.

It's the media criticizing ever star on what's too big and what's too small.

women have been wanting bigger breasts for many years. This is very artificial. They should be wanting to improve themselves in other ways.

It is an individual thing. Why not if it gives you confidence

I am happy with what I have and i would not trade it for anything!

personally, i think that anything that is fake is unattractive, even men think so to....they would want to have a one night stand with a "fake" breasted woman, but the real ones are keepers!

Do whatever makes you feel good, that's what I think. Having "big" breast is a sigh of feminism and attracts more attention from men, which most women want.

Its right if it is tastefull and if it is for a personal reason it's wrong if you just want the attention of looking like a Sl** and the next pamela wanna be...

i am happy with what God gave me i would never trade them in for something bigger or smaller

I think that is totally wrong. You should not want bigger breast. If you do then you are a hoe. What's wrong with the ones you got? NOTHING!!!!

right and wrong. in order for you to be attractive to most guys they tell you that if your flat chested then not as many guys will think your good looking. its society that puts it on girls.

I think it's completely normal for a girl to want bigger breasts. I don't think anyone is happy with what they have and that's for more than just breasts. There are a lot of women that would look much better with different sized breasts and there's nothing wrong with wanting to look better. It doesn't always have to do with men. A lot of the time it has to do with being happy with yourself.

Why would getting bigger breasts mean trading their dignity for them?

I think you're wrong.

If someone has boobs that don't fit their body there's nothing wrong with wishing theirs were different.

I think its wrong, but women want to be nice looking for men. I'm a girl so in my opinion you should be happy with what god gave you. I mean there is people out there without food or without a home, and these women are complaining about breast size? I would never trade my dignity for bigger breasts.

I think that your right and that a lot of women do want bigger breasts. I'm sure it has much to do with the media and what others think is the ideal appearance of a women. But, I'm all for plastic surgery if it builds ones self confidence. What's wrong with that?

big boobs sux and they hurt your back and i think women just but boobs so men would like them more cause all guys like a woman with big boobs and a fat butt

Its all one word MEDIA. Before since there were not a lot of tv shows or tv's period, and a lot of magazines. But now they portrait these images of what a woman "should" be and unfortunately women just as men buy into that.

I agree with you. They should be happy with what they have. I'm sorry but having bigger breasts will do nothing for their self confidence. There will always be something that they'll need to do to their bodies for one reason or another. It's what's inside that really matters.

I don't have big one's but I'm happy with them.
I think girls think it's better either because they
can get guys(since guys are usually pervs) or
because they really feel bad about it so they
try to make the girls with smaller one's feel bad.
I know how you feel...it's really gets on my nerves :D

It makes them more attractive (at least to men)
Face it, to get a good husband, you have to be a trophy wife.
A good catch won't settle for a flat girl.

i don't think anyone is happy with their bodies, i always wanted a boob job as i've 2 fried eggs, but since hearing of large breasted ladies having back problems through them i went off the idea, plus small ones stay pert longer and don't sag.
If we had perfect boobs we'd only find something else on our bodies to hate.

well.. I felt like that. but I tried too hard. and now I'm full of regret. The truth is.. if you be happy with what you have its better because you might loose something else.

wrong. plastic is bad.

well, of course, i cannot speak for all women, but in my case, i don't necessarily have to have huge breasts, but I would like implants because i breast fed all 3 of my children and that has really taken its toll on my breasts. they don't have to be huge but i would like the fullness back. i am a 36A, i would like to be a C cup, and i figure if i am going to go through with surgery, i may as well go to C cup. so basically, i just want the fullness back. it has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks of me....it's for me.





In some ways i think its just cause they want to get men and they want to make other girls jealous.... little do they know it dont always work. Some men hate boob jobs and huge breast. Other women well some anyway dont care what other women have they just care about themselves. Some people just dont know how good they have it in their lives now they end up wanting to go back in time and change it. When will they ever learn

well thats a great question and i have no proven answer only my opinion which is- i think women do it just to secure their ability to get the standard of mate they want- basically saying they want to date and or marry men who like big ones and we all know those types now don't we- you know the men who like big overly perky silicon replicas? for every woman out there who wants fake ones there is a happy man who likes them

Well, seeing as i was born with the "endowment" already there, i think that people don't' really look at the other side of things. you could have back problems. running can be a b*tch and jump rope...and dancing...and ... yea you get the point. and what kinda life is that. Plus, it kinda sucks to be known as the one with big boobs.

But i do disagree with saying that you trade dignity for bigger breasts. because if it really does help with that person's self esteem, you can't really knock it. It's like laughing at a bulimic/ anorexic person because they're insecure about their weight. It's that person's body and no one has the right to make fun of it or judge it.

breast....well,its like a part of woman n if it is large enough.......ehhhh~~~~many thing would be posibble no matter in life o career but too big is kinda gross....(i tried my best to answer liao,k...I m a guy lol)

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