Why condom isn't always safe?!

Question: I Heard people saying , Condom is not always safe and that sometime woman gets pregnant anyways!..what are the reason?

Answers: I Heard people saying , Condom is not always safe and that sometime woman gets pregnant anyways!..what are the reason?

Sometimes they're old, break and semen leaks through, slip down the shaft and semen falls out and goes into the vagina, some have holes in them... those are some of the reasons. No birth control is 100% effective... the only sure fire way is no sex of course.

the condom can break/tear and it can slip off.

The condom can break due to improper usage and the friction involved in sex.

I think:
if its not perfect sperm can leak out near the base of the condom get deposited right inside the vagina

Condoms can break or slip off

nothing is 100% effective yet

Although they greatly reduce the risk of HIV transmission, they are not 100 percent effective. Condom failures usually result from improper use.

Because nothing is 100 percent but having no sex at all

b/c some guys cut the tip of it off

Sperm may spill out
Improper usage (human error)
Expired condoms tear more easily
Condom may slip off during sex

They break, worn wrong, etc.

1. They are thin so that men can still feel the friction. Because they are so thin, they can be broken or torn.
2. Sometimes they don't get put on right (inside out), at the right time (at the very beginning), etc.

TX Mom

they are best used in conjunction with a spermicide- good luck

its safe for 99,9%. 0,1% its about when condom is damaged, or wrong using. its the best way to safe urself anyway

the condom can break!!!! But if you did not know this then maybe you should not be having sex. Learn about all types of birth control. Know the effectiveness, risks and the proper usage before having sex. Unless you wanna end up pregnant or worse with a deadly disease.

Condoms are far from safe for preventing STDs or for preventing pregnancy. Across the board, they are about 88% against pregnancy (compared to 98% for birth control pills), and about 95% for most STD. And awful lot of STDs can be transferred through simple fluid leaking around the shaft of the penis. Add to that the fact that the average condom has holes more than 1 micron in size, and they break, and lots of people wear them wrong. Dude, I'd just keep it in your pants until you know it's safe!

The main reasom condoms are not always safe is due to human error. You have pay close attention how you open it, if its old, and if you have enough lubricant, and how you put it on..

What ever happen to saving sex till marraige

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