Is ur hymen ur virginity?!

Question: when someone breaks there hymen, is that when they break there virginity? what if a tampon breaks it, or u finger urself and it breaks? are u still a virgin?

Answers: when someone breaks there hymen, is that when they break there virginity? what if a tampon breaks it, or u finger urself and it breaks? are u still a virgin?

No they are 2 different things. Some girls are born without a hymen, and some women have actually gotten pregnant and had to have the doctor surgically remove their hymen before they gave birth. How embarrassing for the husband though, cause that's a sure sign he has a small penis LOL.
Your hymen can actually stretch quite a bit before breaking, that's pretty much all tampons(and very small penises) do is stretch it, but if you wea tampons for years and stretch it over and over you can stretch it till there's not much of it left, and then you don't even really feel it when it breaks. That is actually the best way to do it so it doesn't hurt so much, if you're not lucky enough to beborn without one. You're a virgin until a guy sticks his penis in you whether your hymen is broken, intact, stretched, or was never there.

i would say so. especially if its a tampon. not sure, but i think it's just the physical contact with another person.

yeah your still a virgin until you have sex doesn't matter if your hymen is broken.

Your hymen is not your virginity. The hymen can be broken by things like falling on the bar of a boys bike really hard. Accidents happen. Once you have intercourse the first time you are no longer a virgin. And yes, if you are young, and small and use one of those SUPER PLUS tampons and it becomes swollen and saturated, you may tear the hymen when you try to remove it, and you will know because it will burn and hurt. So if you have never had sex, please stick to the regular size tampons.

the hymen is like a thin layer of tissue. It can break very easily. so if it breaks during sex. That's what people refer to as "breaking your cherry". It doesn't nessecarily break the first time haveing sex. It's most likely to break before that from like a tampon or even riding a bike or fingers etc. you can't realy tell that it broke either. It doesn't hurt and you don't like feel it, but their might be a a bit of blood but not like a period...just a little bit. So I wouldn't say that breaking your hymen is losing your virginity. Cause you could have lost your virginity to some odd stuff. In my opinion, losing your virginity is the first time you have sex.

I hope I helped you out.

You are still a virgin until you have vaginal intercourse with another person. Even though the hymen is a symbol of virginity, it can be broken by excercise, tampons, or other sexual experiences.

No it is not.
Only sex takes your virginity. And not oral sex either.
Being active, a girl can break her hymen w/ activities, such as basketball, swimming, etc. If you are menstruating than it might be likely that you could have lost the hymen already. It's a natural thing, nothing to be afraid of.
Yes, masturbating, learning how to insert a tampon correctly may break your hymen as well.
Me a virgin? I won't tell.

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