Ahh! I just got my period. Any advice?!

Question: I'm almost 14.

Answers: I'm almost 14.

1. Cramps below your belly button, but not all the way down, similar to diarrhea cramps.
2. Mood swings, not necessarily going off on everyone, but possibly random depression, sadness or anger.
3. Cravings for comfort food more than usual (ice cream, chocolate, etc.).
4. Sometimes headaches like to tag along with these other symptoms, along with weakness in your thighs.
5. Your breasts will most likely hurt, or at least be sensitive at some point, same with pubic hair.
6. Random tiredness, fatigue or weakness is quite common too.
7. Bloatedness.
8. White/clear sticky discharge on your underwear.
Midol will help with most of these problems, along with warm baths, heating pads, hot water bottles, exercise, and gentle massages.

Menstrual cramps are believed to be caused by many things, but the sex ed teachers I've had said, and what I've always believed is that the cramps come due to the muscles contracting and twisting, trying to push the blood and lining out of your body. Ways to get rid of them are:
1. Midol (menstrual relief pill), take one or two, depending on how bad the cramping is.
2. Exercise usually helps, try sit-ups, or other exercises that work out your abdomen.
3. Warm baths (not hot because that will make your period heavier) may soothe the pain.
4. Heating pads or hot water bottles where it hurts will help soothe the pain as well.
5. Somehow, bananas help.

There's many explanations for irregular periods.
Some may be:
1. Frequent large amounts of stress, or spontaneous small amounts as well.
2. Health; from as small as a cold to as big as a disease or STD.
3. Activity; if you're suddenly very active (whether it be in sports or just exercise) it will reflect on your period.
4. It depends on how far you are into your period. During the first few years, your period will be very irregular, but eventually it will steady out.
Stress relievers (pills), less physical activity, more experience with menstruation, and diagnosis for your illness will help your period return to normal.

Things I would take with you to school (or any public place) would be: Pads/liners/tampons (whichever you choose to use), maybe an extra pair of underwear, a Midol or two, and if possible, an extra pair of pants (if worst case scenario happens).

If you have any more questions and/or concerns feel absolutely free to ask me. I've had mine since before I was 10 (13 and a half now) and I'm extremely educated on the subject. The hormones in my family are pretty messed up, so I've endured some pretty bad things during my period, and I dread what I'll endure during pregnancy and child birth! Plus, my mother took the time to explain everything to me when I was younger, knowing I'd get it while I was young, and since then I've been researching things about hormones and such, so I know an awful lot for a 13 year old.

Hope I provided you with some help. Good luck. :)

avoid drinking coffee cause it worsens pain (crams)

Tell your mum and not weirdos on the internet.

Change your pad/tampon every few hours. Not much advice, take pain killers for the cramps if you need to.

congrats x]

and not really, midol helps when your period gets really bad though and so does icecream :]

I think you are perfectly normal. Have you told your mom yet? It's better if you tell an adult if you are having any issues. Puberty is life.

Congrats! Um try to learn how to use tampons if you can, those are best. And this site is great. http://beinggirl.com/en_US/pages/goods_t...

For cramps (if you have them) take ibuprofen. umm other than that I don't know what to say! Bring stuff everywhere you go to stay prepared

Avoid consuming cold drinks

Clean yourself up as well as you can,tell your mom, buy some pads to start, then use cold water and soap to wash blood off clothing.
Good Luck!(I haven't gotten mine yet,don't ask my how old I am,because I'm not very old)

You now have the perfect excuse to skip gym class.
Get the pads with wings to keep the leaks away
wash the pants immediately or the blood will not come out, so get one of those stain removal sticks to keep on hand. Cold water helps remove it before that stain sets.
Motrin is good for cramps
Lucky, lucky you, LOL

Well All I Can Say 2 That Is Good Luck Lol, Everyone Gets It And Its Nothing To Be Ashamed Of And That It Doesnt Go Away Till Your An Old Granny Hahaha One Thing I Wouldnt Do Is Use Tampons, I Find Their Discusting And Preffer Towels Comfort Wise. Well Good Luck To Ya Hehe x

It' s a big thing getting your period. It means you are now a woman.
Firstly relax, it's always kinda scary the first time but after that you will get used to it trust me. The only thing you need to decide is whether to wear sanitory pads or use tampons - if I were you I would either discuss it with your mum - as shes been there and can help you or if not talk to another woman that you trust.

Congrats!! Tell your mom immediately and she will give you some products. My fav brand is Always. Don't use tampons until you get the hang of your period. Always have some pads on you in case it happens at the wrong time.

just relax, and dont worry because every other girl in this world has/had thier period. i was very scared at first, but then i thought that famous celebrites have thier periods and still live thier lives normally!

it's ok, just relax a second. take a deebreath. now, if your mom doesn't know, tell her so that she can get you some pads right away, but if you dont want her to know, this could be a bit tricky. go into her bathroom and take some pads if you can, but if you can't, put a lot of toilate paper in your undies and sleep on some towels until you can get hold of some protection. but it would be best to tell her. good luck and congradulations. you have made it to womanhood

aww your growing up

hmm well first talk to your mom and tell her... she'll have some advice for you and will show you how to track your period so you know when ull get it next month

try kotex pads (if you just started ur period, u'll probably be fine with their 'thin'--you'll know what i mean when u go buy them). the pads are gonnna basically feel like ur wearing a diaper at first, but trust me, after a few days, ull get used to it.

start experimenting with tampons and find a brand u like. trust me, you'll be invited to go swimming tomorrow and have no idea what to do otherwise lol

if you get cramps, try advil or midol teen formula. cramps suck big time... but they're a part of life.

bloating is also common so stay hydrated (drink lots of water) and avoid salty foods. don't worry, ull get over the bloating in a few days

otherwise, seriously talk to you mom. she knows all about this. or an older sis/cousin or whatever.

and CONGRATULATIONS btw lol :)

Well tell your mom or female in the house or around you! use a pad and change it every 2 to 3 hours so keep them in your purse! When you go to school take an extra pair of underwear and pants in ur locker in case! If you need more pads go to the nurse! If you get cramps take a warm bath and take advil! Congrads and good luck!!!!!! I know how you feel im 13 but I got mine at 10!

bananas r good 4 cramps.
only weird a pad 4 ur first month.
change pad every 3-6 hours at latest
always wear an overnight pad wen sleeping
b very heigine conscience cuz it hurts 2 get infected!!

ummm yes try useing toliet paper if you dont have a pad of tampon with you ..........

i still dont have mine yet but i looked it up in google and now i know how to handle it.................

good luck ummm eat chocolate avoid people who annoy you ... yeah you'll be crankyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Buy some pads to start with and be sure to buy a box of wipes (either baby or bathroom wipes, it doesnt matter) to clean yourself up when you change the pad. They do tend to get messy. When you get more comfortable with your period you can start using tampons if you wish. Even with tampons sometimes toilet paper just cant get you clean enough to be comfortable. This is why I love the wipes.

Also get some Midol. After you have a few more periods you will start to see what PMS symptoms you get. If you tend to get in bad moods, you will be better off taking Pamprin. I take both depending on my mood.

I am 13 and I got mine when I was 10 and I never told my mom but my friends and my Aunt new and they did not really care but they like wanted to through a party. My mom found out when I turned 12 and she was super mad. Any ways tell your mom or you are going to ask other people about stuff that your mom should be answering



Take Advil or Midol for pain, and change your pad or tampon every 2 or 3 hours.

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