I'am 13 and I'am thinking about sex a lot. I certinly would not do it.?!

Question: But is this normal for a 13 year old? I'am kinda worried.

Answers: But is this normal for a 13 year old? I'am kinda worried.

It's perfectly normal as you're going through puberty (blame the hormones). I admire you for not wanting to act on it. You're very young (and too young to have to worry about all of the negatives that go along with sex). It may seem kind of weird or uncomfortable, but try talking to one of your parents about it. They can probably reassure you that it's normal and okay, and they'll definitely be happy that you're asking them about it instead of acting on it.

yeah it's normal, your going through puberty, so you would think of things like that i guess

don't worry about it!


yes its very normal

ye dont worry about it chick
im 13 and no what u mean i think its just because of our age

speak soon

happy new year

oh yeah, thats totally normal. you're having LOTS of hormonal fluctuations right now.

so long as you realize that you're not ready for it, its fine.

I was VERY sexual at that age. I stayed a virgin until I was 18 but it was tough to say the least. You can try masturbating. It helps curve the feelings and there's no chance of pregnancy or STDs :) I found this site a few years ago when someone had asked me a similar question. It's great for people around your age that have questions about sexual urges and masturbation.


BTW it is perfectly normal to have these feelings.

I'm sure it is normal, but no you shouldn't do anything about it. You should wait. I am saying this as someone who was once your age, and wish I would have waited a lot longer than I did. You can never take it back, and it means so much when it is special. And believe me it will become so much more special!

It is normal for one going through puberty to think of sex. It's your hormones coming to life......... get a hobby, study more, and help Mom around the house. That should help your thought pattern. Could also work out. Keeping busy and going to bed tired should help alot.

Don't worry so much. You are very normal. At this age a person usually discovers much about their sexuality and it is entirely normal to be thinking about sex. If it would make you feel better, you can talk to a nurse or doctor about this and feel free to ask him or her any questions you might have so you can know that you get the real answers. I wouldn't trust all the information you might get from here.

It's 100% normal, as you go through puberty then all those hormones rushing around your body are kicking off all sorts of things, not just sexual development but generally making you a whole lot more horny - children are sexual, so teens certainly are.

As long as you are sensible and educated enough to know that you should not be having penetrative sex at your age - issues of how your body has developed, risk of pregnancy, how to enjoy sex - and if you become sexually active such as outercourse, masturbation with someone else, etc. that you have to be emotionally ready and safe (safe sex does not just mean using condoms, it's a lot more than that!) then it is normal and healthy.

Enjoy your sexuality and enjoy being a teenager as much as you can, masturbate and explore sexuality with other people [again, see the slightly preachy but necessary bit above] because it is normal and part of your sexual development.

You can email me...
I feel the same way...
but I like it to stay personal........
I don't think you should have to worry bout it tho.....
Just keep telling yourself that you won't....

it's normal, your hormones are just growing

Yes, it's perfectly normal - it's because you're going through puberty. Don't worry about this.

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