How much do u weigh?!

Question: its alright .
yo will lose it in time if you try.
new you!

Answers: its alright .
yo will lose it in time if you try.
new you!

umm i cant weigh myself becuase my mother threw away our bulimic i use to be 148 and i went to 120 but now i have no idea


roughly 113 lbs

12 lbs

250lbs of steele and sex appeal heheh

dont worry in the last year due to stress and other things ive gained about 40 or 50 pounds but 2008 is my year im going to lose weight i refuse to be this heavy anymore im about 195-200 pounds and im only 5 foot 5

112. Oh good, can't wait till I have kids. Good luck!


Whoaaaaaa, that's quite a bit. I weight 100 pounds. Only cos i've just started back at work from quite a bit of time off. Normal weight is 105

5'7'' 180lbs.


well...i used to way 105. but since August i gained little more than 10 pounds.
im not too worried though cause last spring i just lost the ten when i was running ever day.
and this year im joining track at my school instead of running by myself.
so i figure ill lose the weight again.

(the only reason i even gained the weight was because i got addicted to cookie dough and was eating it waayyy too often.

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