How much is too much vaginal fluid?!

Question: I am just curious what is considered too much?

Answers: I am just curious what is considered too much?

when you leave enough on the floor for someone to slip and fall, that's too much

In what context, for example, are we talking about a "squirter"?

um, as long as you dont soak the bed, i think any amount is good. the more fluid, the longer the female can last before she starts to feel sore. that is, if the male can last that long
and btw, if you do 'squirt', then more power to ya. you will soak the bed, but o well. fyi, if u do squirt, it is NOT pee, its fluid that builds up in a cavity of some sort, and gets released if your lucky.

After Johnny's stripper Q, and your "LOOK AT MY BUTT" Q-I have to go change my pants now.

WTF? AGAIN???!!!

It depends when the fluid is flowing. After or during sex? Just regularly?

It's only too much if he drowns. Beyond that...well that's why mattresses can be flipped.

If you drown him, it's too much!! LMAO!!

All I know is that it would have to be a sh*tload for it to be too much. I've never seen too much, we'll put it that way.

if you float in the tub without water

.....that's too much

If you have to wear assless chaps and sit in a kiddie tub, then it's too much.

If you have to get helicopter rescue from your roof, it's too much

I guess if you have to wear a diaper for a few hours after

i don't know but love can get slippery when its wet

I would say 1 gallon is 2 much

if you have to measure it with a dip stick, it might be too much.

We knew this guy that called his girl friend "Floody" because she soaked the the whole mattress.

there is no such thing as too much as far as I'm concerned.

Who's to say what is too much, everyone is different.
I far as I'm concerned there is no limit

When it floods the toilet

when your pants get wet even using a panty shield

I've never been confronted with this problem... it's like saying how much beer is too much.

I think if you have any excess fluid, it could just be a natural flow caused by intense emotional anticipation. I think it will probably slow somewhat when your emotional roller coaster is slowly brought up to the maximum and then decends to a more even plane. I hope you will experience a drop in the flow.

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