Question: i'm 13 and masturbate i tried to stop because is a new year and all but i can't is it normal?

Answers: i'm 13 and masturbate i tried to stop because is a new year and all but i can't is it normal?

Girl, everyone in their teens does this, even if they say their not, their lying. It's perfectly alright, dont feel guilty, its just a phase. Rember we're all human.

well normal id say!


perfectly dont worry about it

i do it

so long as it doesn't stop your normal daily activities, there is nothing wrong with that.

Absolutely, there isn't a problem with this.

Its just as "normal" for a girl, as it is for a guy.

talk to your parents about this sht not freaks on the internet cutie

It's normal and healthy to explore your body. And the more aware you are of yourself, the safer and smarter you tend to be when you really do start having sex.

its totally normal...everyone does it and dont let them tell you any different.....its the overdoing it thats wrong....dont be obsessed by it.......

Yes, it's completely normal and healthy. There is no reason to stop unless it makes you unhappy.

yes it is normal and healthy
so beat on!!!


pretty normal- at least you are doing it by yourself and not with boys!! Don't have sex yet - you are TOO young!

how do you do that/!

As long as it isn't taking over your life...then you are perfectly normal. Just don't get obsessive with it!

If it feels good do it...not hurting a thing

It's normal, don't worry about it, everybody does it, just no one admits to it or talks about it.

your very normal

It's totally normal.

sounds like your a go getter...

3 knuckle shuffle and rosie balms alll have names for reasons. IT IS VERY NORMAL!!!!



i dont think so

wow thanks 4 sharing

No. You are the only one in the world who does that.

omgawd...jk...i guess u either need to see a doctor...or try other than that i really dont know...

Yeah, its normal, but its not a good habit. Just try to do something else, save yourself.

Please G-d give me strength!

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