I think I just got first period?!

Question: I am 12 and I think I just got my period, but if I did it started really heavy. Maybe I just think its heavy, but what if it isn't my period, HOW DO I TELL!?!?!

Answers: I am 12 and I think I just got my period, but if I did it started really heavy. Maybe I just think its heavy, but what if it isn't my period, HOW DO I TELL!?!?!

First of all congratulations! Hope you get your folks or friends to do something special to celebrate :o)

You tell basically because there is blood, you can spot at any time due to things such as ovulation or changes in hormones, but chances are if you think it is your period then it will be your period - it could just be a few spots of brown discharge or a large amount of blood.

As for how heavy, judge by your pads, how often you need to change the pad - most commerical and organic pad brands have a vauge guide on the box to tell you how heavy your flow is. Pads are best to use at first, then think about switching to a menstrual cup when/if you feel ready, there are other options so it's up to you what you use but it is important to know your options as some options like tampons are harmful to you.

You may also have other signs such as pain, discomfort or heavy feeling in your abdomen - although no girl/woman ever needs to suffer period pains of other menstrual problems. You'll soon learn signs of your period, some of us get spots, changes in mood, increased sensitivity etc.

For now just make a note on your calandar noting the first day you had bleeding (this is the first day of your period and the first day of your menstrual cycle). Your periods may not be regular at first, so don't panic or think this is not your period if you don't get bleeding again for a few months, but most girls and women get their period around once a month.

Here are some sites to help you a little more, feel free to e-mail me if you need more help :o)


Its usually a small or medium spot thats light red or dark brown. Tell your mom or older sister and they can get a pad for you. P.S. panty liners are probably best for start. Good luck!

Don't worry to bad......
do you wear tampons?
that sounds personal..
You can email me and I will try to help you...
your officially past puberty...
I was 9... so you are lucky it was not that soon...

I got my period last May. I'm 14 though. Most likely it is your period. You probably just THINK it's heavy. I thought mine looked like a lot until I saw it a few days later lol. Ummm Tell your mom or older sister and put on a pad. It will suck. Just warning ya! ;) Good luck, email me if you have any questions soccercatnumbersix@yahoo.com

yesterday i had my first period im also 12......... i was so freaked out.... i was at my friends house so i told my friend and then she told her mum and then she rang my mum which was kinda good cus i wouldnt no what to say to my mum

but my mum said she thought it would happen soon and acted really calm which i didnt think she would lol soo i would just tell her that you have blood in your knickers .....

and quickly cus ur knickers will get really uncomfy ... embarissing but it has 2 b done

im also really heavy but i dunno if its just me x

Just Tell Your Mom & If You Have Started Then Welcome To Hell (:


If there is blood there is a pretty good chance you have had your period. Just go tell your mom or if you don't want to tell her just go buy some pads.

Well, it is usually red or brown
and you probaly are crampy and bloated.
Mine was really heavy when i started
but every month is diferent you never know
Any question email me :]

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