Your period?!

Question: how did u start
when did u start
and how did u tell your mom
were u scared
do u like it
and lastly
how old were u

thx for answering i know it is alot of questions

Answers: how did u start
when did u start
and how did u tell your mom
were u scared
do u like it
and lastly
how old were u

thx for answering i know it is alot of questions

I was like 9 or 10.

It was 2am and my mom was at work. I had to tell my dad. He ran to the bathroom got a pad and told me to read the directions and go back to sleep. Hahaha.

well i started about a day ago
and it just started
i told my mom and she didn't believe me

i started on new years, yesterday (!)
i was a little scared
i did not like it. it wsa gross.
i turn 14 next month.

I started at school, went to the bathroom and saw it in underwear


I told her I started my period! Its natural and SUPPOSED to happen :)

No I do not like it but its ok when u get used to it I use tampons and you barely can tell you are on your period!


I was in the 9th grade. I was having cramps and when I went to the bathroom....there it was.

Wasn't scared. I was sort of proud that I was now a woman. Now fast forward about 30 years. Hell no, I don't like it. Can't wait until it stops.

If you haven't started yet. Enjoy.

1. I started in winter camp when i least expected it... and my mom did put some pads in case in a pocket somewhere in my duffle bag...but i didnt care and i was disgusted at the thought of it all. Until it hit me.

2. it started during the night iin my jammies in my sleeping bagg and i woke up with a big red spot and i had to change before everyone woke up

3. my mom found out while doing laundry when she saw my stained pants

4. i wasnt scared i was embarrassed

5. I would say i like it nor do i hate it i guess its part of growing up

6. i was 12

I started on a Saturday when I was 11. I woke up and went to change my clothes and noticed blood in my panties. I changed my clothes and took my panties to my mom. I wasn't scared, but was totally embarrassed when she called my grandmas and all my aunts to tell them.

No, I don't like it. It's completely annoying, and tampons are freaking expensive.

-umm.... i bled? but i was home alone *shudder*
-early evening at the tail end of august(literally, the 31st)
-called my mom. its much easier on the phone
-i was mostly excited!!
-its funny-- i kind of do like it. it makes me feel like a mature woman when i'm on my period.
-12 yrs, 10 months.

1.What do you mean how did I start? It just came.
2.During school, But it was almost close to school ending for summer vacation.
3.I went to the bathroom after I came home from school and my underwear was red I cleaned up and I ran downstairs I called my mom to the living room and I told her I got my period, I wasn't embarrased at all.
5.Yes, Sometimes I do like having my period because when I don't want to go somewhere thats my excuse. But sometimes it's annoying.
6.I was 11 years old when I first got my period.
Also 1 quick tip don't wear white when you get your period everybody knows that. And last bananas help cramps go away. :]

how did i start? what? it just started bleeding!
i wuznt scared, i new what it was
i said "mom i started my period" and she said "i dont care biiitch"
why in the world would i like it, i get sad and depressed and bleed all over the place and cramps and head hurts and crap.
i was like 13 or 14 i fur got. im 15

In gym class.
I just told her.
No, I was not scared.
No, not at all.
I was 14 years old.

it just kinda happened
right befor winter break when i was 12 ( im 16 now)
i just called her up and told her mom i got my period...
no i hated it

how did u start- i was at school
when did u start- october 2007
and how did u tell your mom- i just got home and my grandparents were there, so i just gave her a hug and whispered it to her
were u scared- not really, i was a little shaken though
do u like it-it can be annoying, but yes, mostly. haha i'm weird [:
and lastly
how old were u - 13 1/2

I was at school
in Feb. 2001
I don't remeber

it kinda just happened. january in the morning. ummm...well i kinda got all over bed, she was gonna find out anyway. yea! no! 12.

i stared in the middle of the night.i woke-up and when to the bathroom and that's when i notice.

i stared August,2005

i didn't tell her she found out 2month after i stared.when she was picking up my cloths and she my pants with the stain on them.

i wasn't scared,because i already knew alot about it.

no its the wost thing to have,first your like "i can't wait until i get my period."but after you just get sick of it.

11(I'm 14 now)

i was in 6th grade and i was hanging out with my mom and her friends and my sister and we were al in starbucks and well my sister ran out the bathroom and she told my mom and i was not scared i was just like ohh great im was soooo imberresed. how i got well all gurls get it its kinda normal if u dnt theres sumthing wrong with u!!!!!!!

i started at my house, the summer before 5th grade. i was not scared. i definitely don't like my period, but i'm glad that it's regular. i was 10.

I was in 8th grade
I went to the washroom and saw it in my underwear
I just told her and she was cool and bought me pads and stuff
I wasn't really scared because I knew what was happening and that it was normal but I was a little pissed off because I my next class was gym :P
I don't like it but it's not too bad...
It was a little less than a month before my 14th birthday

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