Can one get pregnant from continuing sex after he ejaculated in a condom?!

Question: My boyfriend really wanted me to orgasm..and he told me that he hadn't ejaculated so we continued having sexual intercourse. I didn't know. The condom didn't leak; it was a spermicidal condoms. What are the chances of me being pregnant. I washed up after words.

Answers: My boyfriend really wanted me to orgasm..and he told me that he hadn't ejaculated so we continued having sexual intercourse. I didn't know. The condom didn't leak; it was a spermicidal condoms. What are the chances of me being pregnant. I washed up after words.

It's possible but not probable. The semen may leak over the top of the condom and not be noticed, particularly if the amount that leaked was very small.

Although the odds of being pregnant are very slim, the smartest thing to do is take a pregnancy test soon, just to be sure.

Good luck, and I hope it works out for the best.

Slight, but a possibility nonetheless...

you have a very very slim chance. even if a guy cums in a condom during sex it's still shielded from the vagina

Every woman who is sexually active and able to get pregnant, can get pregnant, no matter what preventative measures you take. Sex gets you pregnant, and there is no 100% guaranteed effective method of birth control.

you can always get preggers, even with a condom. they're only 97% effective.
Chances are you're fine but if you're worried, take a morning after pill - you have up to 72 hours and the side-effects are no way near as bad as they used to be.

most likely you are not pregnant but in any case be more careful next time. Get on birth control or something. couldn't you tell he came?

If It DiDnt leak and it had spermicide than you should be alright..I've done it before.

would be better next time for him to ejaculate into a condom...take that one off and get rid of it and put a new one on and make you orgasm. Safer for you. But there is a higher risk for you getting pregnant if you keep having sex after he *** s in the condom. If it didnt leak you can hope that you didnt get pregnant

you can get pregnant from sex with a condom. you have a higher likelihood of pregnancy from sex with a condom with sperm already in it.

washing up doesnt affect that. if sperm got in, washing up wouldnt clean it out. as long as the condom did not leak, and nothing seeped out even from the top, you should be fine.

if you are really concerned, you should go to planned parenthood or cvs and get plan b morning after pill to be safe if you are not ready to face the chance that you could be pregnant. but do it early.

geesh i hate it when dudes do that. they end up creating worse situations. i hope he doesnt do that anymore. next time he should just try a different approach...if you know what i mean.

Well I would say your chances are higher, but probably only slightly.

Condoms can break and leak without you knowing, and if its filled with sperm when this happens, you run the chance of getting pregnant at a much higher rate. Plus, once the penis becomes slightly more flaccid, the chance for leakage is greater.

Although I don't think you should be too worried, I wouldn't recommend doing it again. You're suppose to remove the condom right after you ejaculate.

There is always a small chance, but if the condom stayed on and didn't leak then you probably have very little to worry about. The main problem would be if he lost his erection inside you and his semen leaked out or he lost the condom, but it sounds like that didn't happen. You probably have nothing to worry about, but you should know that there is always a slight chance that if you have sexual intercourse, you might get pregnant.

The answer is YES.

I'm not sure there are any meaningful statistics on this. Your exact risk in this case depends on a lot of factors. After the male ejaculates, it is recommended that he grab the base of the penis where the condom is at the end, and pull out right away. The reason for this is because semen can escape by running down the length of the condom, especially if you continue the movements involved in having sex.

Yes, spermicide decreases your risk, but yes it can still happen. I would go ahead and ask your pharmacist about a pregnancy test, and try discussing with your boyfriend about being more honest with you.

It is possible you could become pregnant. Washing up (including douching) afterwards will have no effect on whether or not you become pregnant. It is possible that the semen overflowed while the two of you continued to have sex. Next time, use extra spermicide in addition to the spermicide that comes on the condom. It isn't as effective as preventing pregnancy as a condom, however, if he doesn't ejaculate in you, the spermicide is probably enough to prevent a pregnancy.

If you are both completely monogamous, and you want to have sex without a condom, and you don't want to become pregnant, I would recommend getting a more reliable form of birth control, like the birth control pill or a diaphragm. Planned Parenthood has low cost birth control pills if you don't have insurance. This site has more information on all of the different forms of birth control, including advantages and disadvantages of each method:

When he keeps pumping into a filled condom it forces his semen backwards to the base of his penis. It usually escapes and then enters the female. So even if you test for leaks it means nothing as the semen leaked thru the base of the condom.

There is ALWAYS a chance of pregnancy whenever you have sex. NOTHING is 100% effective except for abstinence.

NO you can not get pregnant if you use a condom unless it breaks which you said it didnt .

you dont have anything to worry about

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