Please help me, I think I've got anorexia. BMI help, please I'm desperat!

Question: Height = 5ft 3
Weight = 6 and a half stones
Age = 16
Gender = female

Answers: Height = 5ft 3
Weight = 6 and a half stones
Age = 16
Gender = female

Being thin does not make you anorexic. Anybody can be thin and be perfectly happy with there body and weight.
However, if you feel desperate to loose weight, and believe you look fat then there may be some underlying issues. If you ave been trying to loose weight desperately, so desperately that you have been servery restricting you rood intake, and exercising obsessively. Then yes, you could be Anorexic.
If you are unsure or want some support talk to a school health nurse or parent. They can help you ar more than any of us. We don't know you, or your lifestyle.
Good luck Sweetie, God bless. x


Your BMI is 16.0 which is underweight. To be in the healthy weight range for your height and age you should put on 1 stone.

um.... Whats stones? Could you convert that to pounds?

WAY too skinny! But you're only anorexic if you don't eat and excersise obsessivley. Start eating pies and visit a doctor!

kate is right- if you do eat alot and are still thin then you might have a high metabolism if you are seriously concerned then you need to talk to your physcian

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