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Question: Tell me the story of your first period. Was it uneventful (like mine), frightening, funny or embarrasing (like if you started at school).

I started when I was 10 years old. It was really uneventful. I was at home with my sister and her friend. I went to the bathroom, discovered the mess and borrowed one of my sister's pads. Told my sister and later my mom when she got home. Both thought I was a bit young but left it alone. I have been miserable once a month every month ever since.

Answers: Tell me the story of your first period. Was it uneventful (like mine), frightening, funny or embarrasing (like if you started at school).

I started when I was 10 years old. It was really uneventful. I was at home with my sister and her friend. I went to the bathroom, discovered the mess and borrowed one of my sister's pads. Told my sister and later my mom when she got home. Both thought I was a bit young but left it alone. I have been miserable once a month every month ever since.

Embarrasing..I was in a baseball game, in white pants, in a big game. And lets just say I have a very heavy period. I was 10. And lets just say my mom already knew by the time the game was over.

im 11 and havent started my period yet.

uneventful....i was at a movie theater with my mom and a friend. when i went to the bathroom after i saw a little blood. i told my mom when we got home.

Really? I started at 11 years of age. I was at school when it happened. WITH NO PADS. My other friend who had started her period had an extra pad and gave it to me. Then I told my teacher I started. Then she told another (girl) teacher and that teacher gave me another pad.

Mine was Valentine's Day when I was 10. No problems.

I started when i was 9. However the docs think mine was brought on by stress (i had lost my older sister and my grandfather with in 6 months of one another) It wasnt embarrasing, i was at home with my mother and had told her i felt like i had a tummy bug, she sent me to lay down with some tyenol, and when i woke up i went to the bathroom and discoverd there was blood on my panties, my mother had breifly talked to me about periods, but not in detail yet as i was still pretty young. I was abit scared. I ran to my mother saying i needed to go to the doctor, and she was like why whats wrong, i said i dont know im bleeding and it wont stop, so she took me to the bathroom and showed me how to proplay care for that problem.

Mine was kind of funny, I though I was dieing... you see, It was a Tuesday when it happened with me, because I was at school all day, then went to a choir practices at another church that would be over sometime when it was dark outside, this was also back in 6 grade for me, well I went home and went to the bath room because I had to pee so badly, well, when I went in and sat down I saw blood in my underwear and I shouted to my mom," MOMMY! I think I'm dieing..." she came and asked me why, and I told her that there is some blood in my underwear, then my mom and sister appeared at the bathroom door and started laughing, my mom said" that only means your spotting," I asked what that meant, and my sister busted up laughing more then said that I started my period. I was scared about it at first, but now I'm okay with it...

OMG it was embarassing, you see, i was at winter camp and i was like 12, and i wasnt really prepared for this, and my mom was putting thses things in a compartment of my luggae which happened to be pads but i never cared or noticed LOL and so suddenly when i woke up in my bunk bed, i felt wet,, and i was in my jammies i realized there was a hugeeered spot on my butt, and so before eveyrone else woke up, i changed pants but it was helpless as it seeped thru, and we had to take 2 minute showers so i took so long and i was scared someone might open the door LOL... it was embarassing and i didnt know what to do

I was 12 years old and it was either the first day or the first week of eighth grade. I woke up and there was the pool that made me officially into a woman. I wasnt excited nor was i ashamed, scared or sad. We had always talked about it in school so i was very familiar with the process and what i had to do to take care of it. So i told my mother who told my stepfather [i was like omg hes a dude why must he know] and every other person in sight. but that only made me a lil shy but now im fine with it. I just hate the cramps that i get on day 1.

lol not espcially um i was at school it was first recess and i went to the bathroom and there it was ( i was 12) just 3 months shy of 13 and at first i was freaking out becuase i didnt knwo what ot do so i shoved some tp in my pants and tryed to call my mom on the emergency cell phone she had but it didnt work so i just was paranoid the rest of the day then i got home and had to wait another 4 hours for my mom and i gave her a note and she threw some pads at me and that was that

I was 13. I knew what it was from health class. I kept it a secret from my parents because they are so embarrasing. Two month later I had to tell my Mom because there were no pads. She told my Dad who took my to the grocery store and bought the hugest box of pad I've ever seen in my life. Too big for a shopping bag. I think it was like a 72 pack of those old "mattress" pads they used to sell not like the small ones they have now. I thought I would die. The whole time I was on the lookout for someone from school. They kept saying "Our little girl is a woman now" I seriously wanted to die.

mine was fairly uneventful. i came home from school one day in grade six and went to the washroom and there it was. so i called for me mom and she got me a pad but i had to make her promise not to tell my dad because i was embrassed.. in the end she did anyways haha

my friend on the other hand had a funny story she got hers in a tim hortons bathroom and didn't have anything so she had to use toilette paper untll she could tell her mom and they could go home.

I was a late bloomer. I remember I was 17 and it was during the summer. We were having a bad electric storm that day and the power went out. I went to the bathroom (after stumbling in the dark) and there it was shining in the candlelight. I told my sister and she gave me a tampon. By the time my mother got home from work, it had stopped and that's pretty much how it's been since up until last year. Now it's just once in a great while lasting only around 45 mins or so.

I grew up with my mom always talking about girl stuff so when I got it in 5th grade I knew what to do I told my mom but there was nothing to say but welcome to womanhood. I remember back to the time when they separated the boys and girls in school and had the body changing talk. I was a pro and thought it was a waste of time.

For me, this happened in October. The 17th of 2007 to be exact. I was 13 1/2 and was at school. I hadn't felt well for a few days but didn't think anything about it because by now I felt like I was never going to start. But I felt something funny in one of my classes so later went to the bathroom and saw something (it was kinda dark so i couldn't tell) so I wiped and saw. I just stood there taking deep breaths not really sure what to do. i went to my teacher and told her, and went to the nurse to get a pad. I put it on and was all shakey. i went back to the class (it was a half day) and a few minutes later the bell rang and i went to the bus. luckily the girl that sits by me wasn't there, so i spread out and had my first real taste of menstrual cramps. i went home told my mom and showed her, and that was the beginning. :) I've gotten my period every month too. but yeah, it was amazing. :]

i started mine at 11 and i hate periods alot lucky for me i stated at home too

It was on my 13th birthday in June and it was Summer time.

I had been expecting it and looking forward to it coming. When it came, I told my mom I got my period and she gave me one of her pads.

I already knew what periods were and what to do since age 9 when my Girl Scout troop showed a film about girls growing up, what happens during the period, and period stuff.

I was very happy and proud as I rode my bike around that day. I felt I was finally on my way to growing up.

hey dont worry i started when i was tel also and i lived with my uncle it was so embarrasing but hey i figured out so just move on

LOL i started the day after Christmas in 6th grade

fairly uneventfull


okay mines was pretty simple like god had answered prayers cause it was the SUMMER of eight grade all of my friends had started and i was the last one well i pretty much new everything so i wore pantie liners which are like gifts from god since eve ate the stupid apple however i wasn't whereing one at the time! well my brother had been wanting to go to pizza hut and i hate pizza hut so the day was already going bad plus he wanted a friend over so he invite ugly ole Brandon thank god he wasn't hott and older or i would have died he was younger than my brother and very immature so we all eating at pizza hut and i really had to pee it was unusual cause i usually pee like twice a day morning and night so instead of ignoring it i just went to the bathroom and omg THERE IT WAS =[ ugh pootie ca ca! well i went tell my mom and she gave my brother and his friend some money to go play the games so she could give me a pad and i went pretend to wash my hands and put it on case close very easy.

im 14 and havent started and NO God is NOT an idiotic dumbut little girl! that is very offensive please do not say things like that to the public and it is His way of telling us we are fertile. Children are a wonderful gift( for those who are married). Yes, i am sure they are annoying but
God decided it was best and created us like that. we should be thankful no matter how annoying!

I started at 9 (I'm now 14) and it was so frightening. I came home from school one day and saw blood in my panties. I was like "..what the?" At the time, my mom never told me about periods so I didn't even know what they were so I was left thinking "I'm dying, oh my God, I'm dying". Later on in the day, my mom came into my room to check up on me and saw a cloth with blood on it (I used it to constantly wipe the blood) and she was like "what is this?" I just stared at the cloth, not even saying anything and then I guess she got the hint that I started my period.

Gosh,I was so scared that day lol I was so relieved when I found out that it was totally normal.

my story is EXACTLY the same as yours! i started at home when i was 10. i told my mom. she bought me pads, and it's monthly misery to this day!

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