Girls, is it true that you cant where a tampon if your a virgin?!

Question: is it true that if your a virgin you cant where a tampon?
idk cause ive only worn pads. any girls know?

Answers: is it true that if your a virgin you cant where a tampon?
idk cause ive only worn pads. any girls know?

anyone can wear tampons. virgin or not.

That's not true. You can wear a tampon.

Not at all. I wear tampons. I am a virgin.

you can wear a tampon and still be a virgin...virgins haven't had as long as you dont have sex your still a virgin


No, there are tampons made especially for teens, they are smaller then normal tampons and can be used by everyone...regardless of past sexual experience.

noo that is definitely a myth.

Of course that's NOT true!!! I started using tampons when I was 14...and I can ASSURE you I was still a virgin!

Tampons have nothing to do with the hymen. You can use a tampon at any age, it just takes practice.

No, that's not true. It sounds like you should go to a clinic (if you don't have an older female you can confide in) and talk to someone there who can answer your questions about your anatomy. You can also do a web search to find out any of this kind of information (more than you probably want to know).

It takes some force and depth to break your hymen, and tampons don't do it. I wore tampons and all my friends wore them before they lost their virginity....and after.


Virgin or not you can wear a tampon. You can break "virginity lining" while playing sports or be even biking. By you wearing a tampon does not change anything. I started using tampons at fourteen and I've never looked back. I hated walking around like I was wearing a diaper. Your cool with the tampons and please know that you can even if your a virgin.

This is a false myth. Girls of all ages can use these without intercourse. Some people will say that that is true, but is simply not.

It doesn't matter if you're a virgin or not. You'll be able to wear a tampon.

If you are a virgin, there is a possibility that your hymen may still be intact. The hymen is a layer of skin located about 1/2" inside the vaginal opening. If your hymen is still intact, you may not be able to wear tampons. However, not all women are born with hymens.

My suggestion would be to wear pads unless you know that your hymen is not intact (or that you do not have one). If you can wear tampons, make sure to educate yourself on good practices and toxic shock syndrome.

I Still think Virgins wear pads not tampons

FEMALE Sexual HEALTH Site may have some ideas for you

It's so not true, you can wear tampons & be a virgin. Who told you this? You'll remain a virgin as long as you don't have sex. Using a tampon wont change that. It's really up to you, what do you prefer?

anyone who menstruates can use a tampon. it will not affect your virginity.

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