School+ period=embarrasment plz help need answers fast?!

Question: ok well when i have my period at school i usually carry a pad in my pocket to the bathroom but a while ago a hot guy saw me sneak it into my pocket from my locker i was soooooooooooooo embarrased. i would start carrying a purse but i have not carried 1 all year so ppl will no somethings up. i know i care to much about what ppl think but i cant help it. plz answer this in any way u can thanks

Answers: ok well when i have my period at school i usually carry a pad in my pocket to the bathroom but a while ago a hot guy saw me sneak it into my pocket from my locker i was soooooooooooooo embarrased. i would start carrying a purse but i have not carried 1 all year so ppl will no somethings up. i know i care to much about what ppl think but i cant help it. plz answer this in any way u can thanks

Most guys know that women go through a monthly cycle. Its nothing to be embarrased about its something that everyone goes through. However, I remember when I was in middle school I was embarrased too especially around guys because I didn't want them to know I was on my period. You should but a pad in your pocket before you leave home. Pads are made very thin nowadays so no one will notice what is in your pocket. Dont be ashamed though, its part of being a women. Take care of your monthly business and dont be embarrased to change your pads. You will definitely be embarrassed your too embarrassed to change it and you leak into your jeans! You will be fine sweetie.

This link might help you get over your embarrassement

maybe just go ahead and keep a few in your pocket before you leave your house. or yes, just carry a purse every day and then it'll be good. :)

also, at this age most guys are mature enough to understand that we have periods and handle it. i was with one of my friends that's a girl and about 4 guys, and i said i needed midol and they asked why and i told them right out, and only one guy was being immature about it. the other ones were very mature about it and didn't say anything. they wanted to help. so if he saw you, don't think anything about it. they know we have periods, and there's nothing to be ashamed of.

just keeps pads in your pocket

Tampons are smaller and are easier to hide. Don't trip too much, guys know we have periods. I have had guy friends actually go buy tampons for me. Mature guys wont think anything of it.

if you want to carry a purse and someone asks just say, i like carrying purses now if you don't want to no one to know

Girl do not be embarrassed. I will carry a pad in my hand to leave the class. I will tell the teacher why I need to go to the restroom when I raise my hand to ask to be excused. But until you become as bold as i am try using thin pads. Try the Always- thin regular. they will fit in your back pocket, unnoticed. Or you can slip your pad in your sock or even in your pants waistband and keep it there until you need it.

most people don't notice if u carry a purse I only tcarry one when I am on it and nobody notices.
so if you really don't want any one to notice just put one in your back pocket before you go to school.

Idk? Hmmm...Carry a mini backpack or a purse, but to stop people from suspecting anything pop out some lip gloss or eyeshadow. They will think that you're just puting on some makeup. The key is to do it often and make sure the purse is cute. Also, once you start you can't stop. The purse can't just appear when you're on your thing. Besides, I doubt if watches enough to notice your new purse. If anyone was to, it would be a girl. Boy are clueless most of the time. XD

First of all, eventually you'll look back on this and realize how not big of a deal it is. But I know it's embarrassing now, so here's some tips:

1. Start bringing a purse to school and tell people how excited you are about your new purse (even if it's really not). They'll just think you started bringing it b/c it's new.

2. Leave the pad in your pocket all day to avoid transfer appearances, but you'd either have to have small pads (or a tampon) or large pockets to pull this off.

3. Carry a sweatshirt or jacket around- when it's time to make the transfer from the locker, hold the jacket over the hand holding the pad so it won't be visible. Schools are often cold- nobody will think twice about this.

I used to just carry my bookbag around and had a separate zipper section for pads.

The only time I use to carry a purse was when I was on my period. I started doing that because the exact same thing happened to me, I was so embarresed, it has taken me a long time to get over it. I am married and still I feel funny talking about needing tampons or pads to my husband. The sooner you get over the embarrasment the better. people understand more then you realize. No one will notice if you start carrying a purse... they didn't with me.

i wear a pad a day or two before i expect my period to come. that way i'm prepared.

that happened to me once. i had my period and i was 11 and my crush was walking in the hallway and i didnt see him. i got a tampon out of my looker and i placed it into my pocket and he comes up behide me and says, are you going somewhere?(he giggles) i turned beat red and said maybe then walked away. that was so embarassing! (that boy who said that to me knew i liked him and he is now my BF)

then about 3 months later i got it usually getting caught in class for texting by my really cute young teacher! anyway, one day i had my purse and i asked to go to the bathroom. And my teacher said yea, i was hiding my purse from my teacher because he knows i usually bring it to the bathroom to text. but this REALLY ANNOYING BOY yelled out, Kristina is bringing her bag to the bathroom to text, she has her cell phone in her bag!, and my friends knew i had my period so they yelled out no she isn't. so the teacher looked in my bag it had my sunglasses, my keys, makeup, a wallet and TAMPONS AND PADS!!!! i turned reder than a hot red pepper. my teacher looks at me and says im sorry your embarrassed but i had to look you could of been bringing your phone to the bathroom, next time around this month put it in your pocket, dont bring a purse. i just grabed my pruse and ran! i was mortified. then i came back and that boy said, so who where you texting you boyfriend?? i said be quiet and mind your own bussiness!

Another story was i was at a pool party with my friends and it was a boy girl party. i was about 13 and i had about 2 years of periods and stupid me didnt relize that it was that time of the month. everyone was in the pool and we were playing spin the noodle. it had 2 colors. one side was pink and the other was blue. if the blue side landed on you the person who spun it had to kiss you. i was so excited because a really hot boy (my crush, the same boy as b4) and he comes over to kiss me and i was so excited i had a brand new bikini on and he kissed me! then it was like 10 min later and it was time for pizza we were the last 2 to get out and he said ladies first so i climbed out and he said i think you have something. i turned around and i said what?? he whispers in my ear, you have your period, there is blood driping down your leg. i was mortified! i fan over to my bff and said i can i have a towel and come into the house with me! i told her and she said okay. do you wear tampons? i said yea i do. she gave me one of her bathing suits and a tampon. so i went back out and my crush(now bf, nick) said werent you wears something different and i said yea. he asked can u go back in the pool and i said yea i can. once again i was moritfied! like 2weeks later he asked me out. I am now 17 and we are still dating.....just think about it we first talked because he saw me putting a tampon into my pocket, the craziest things happen! he was really mature about knowing i had my period and i was suprised because he was a young boy and he became my really good friend..... then he asked me out, we have been together for 4 years
periods are embarssing exspecial in school! we just have to learn to live with it

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