Is it possible to not have a hymen??!

Question: Yes. Not every woman has one or was born with a very thin one. It is also possible to break it during sports or any other activity and not even be aware it happened..

Answers: Yes. Not every woman has one or was born with a very thin one. It is also possible to break it during sports or any other activity and not even be aware it happened..

Yup. Some are born without.

Yes and a lot of woman don't have one.


its possible tobreak it with a tampon as a teenager therefore you may be led to think that you didnt have one

Yes. Its quite common not to have a hymen.

yes it is, you could have been born without it entact. or lost it as a young girl in a accident playing or riding a bike.

Yes, some girls are naturally very elastic or maybe the hymen was broken during a self examination.

or not fully developed, or breaks loose and falls out due to natural movements and process

Yes it is possible, some are born without it, and others can be broken through vigourous activites, (not involving penetration) sporting for example

some women are born with one and some aren't. it differs in size and shape and you can lose it doing activities other than sexual intercourse, such as horse back riding

Yes, some women are born without it. It is also possible to tear or break the hymen without being aware of it, due to any number of physical activities.

Some women are born without it indeed.

On another note, the hymen can be broken from many things, not just first-time sex. Horseback riding, landing hard, splits, can all cause the hymen to break.

A woman may not have a hymen for a variety of different reasons. First and foremost, she may have been born without a hymen, or without much of a hymen. In addition, many women tear their hymen, enlarging the hole, through nonsexual activities-- such as engaging in sports, horseback riding, insertion of tampons, etc that put tension on their hymenal tissue. Women are often not even aware that their hymen has torn, since there may be little or no blood and no pain. Sexual intercourse is only one of many reasons why a woman may not have a hymen.

yes some women don't have one, on the other hand some women don't have an opening so they have to get surgery to get it removed.

most women have the "hymen" tissue, although it can easily be damaged by many normal activities. also, the hymen itself is never completely closed (in order to allow menstrual flow). this could make it appear that there is no hymen.


yeah, you can be born without one, and even if you are the just stretch and wear down over time and can just break on their own at a moments notice.
It's actually more comfortable with your hymen out of they way, they're really nothing but a pain in the a**, quite literally.

No, that it's possible to be born without a hymen is a complete myth. When a female is developing, there is no opening to the vagina, eventually an opening begins, and what's left of the skin that originally covered the hole is what the hymen is. In some women, the opening opens more than average, so the hymen is incredibly small, almost impossible to see or find, but it is still there. If it's that small, chances are it will not ever tear, and may as well be nonexistent; but that does not mean it's not there.

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