Does Monistat 3 work well on a yeast infection?!

Question: Will it cure it in 3 days or does it take longer?

Answers: Will it cure it in 3 days or does it take longer?

Yes, this is a good product to combat yeast infections. Generally you will start to experience some relief after a day or two, though you should follow the directions for the full course of therapy.

There is also a Monistat-1 pack that comes with a single dose ovule and a small tube of cream for external itch relief. This is also very effective and worth the extra couple of $$.

it works in 4 i think but cant remember read the box

call the dr and get rx diflucan, it works real fast and its not gross and creamy

Works well most of the time. if it doesn't work after 4 days you may need something stronger. you will have to go to the doc and get a script for a pill (DIFLUCAN), that's sure to clean it up really quick

Monistat 3 takes up to a week to work. Some women think the 7-day over-the-counter cures work better than the 3-day or 1-day ones.

If you get yeast infections every few months, see your doctor for a stronger cream or pill (Diflucan). Over-the-counter treatments are not effective for recurring infections.

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