Is it scary to go to the Gyno.?!

Question: Is it scary and what do they do.

Answers: Is it scary and what do they do.

to me it was, but it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be........ they take you back, take your blood pressure and your weight and ask a few questions about your sexual history. Then your taken to a room and told to undress and put on a paper vest and paper blanket for your bottom half. The dr. comes in, puts on gloves and massages your abdomen, then she puts a couple of fingers inside to feel around. Then she places a metal object inside to hold it open while she scrapes the cervix. Afterward she massages your boobs for lumps and that's it....... Not pleasant but it doesn't last very long.

it's not scary...but it's definitely not fun either

Not for me. I used to sit in the waiting room and read magazines 'til the doc was done.

No it's not scary. Google it, and you'll find what they do.

go to youtube and watch what goes on . don't worry. trust me ... i'm a doctor. lol.

It might be a little uncomfortable, but you won't get harmed or anything.

not scary- a little uncomfortable tho-

I get scared when I have to go with my female friend...

nah its not scary if you're fine with them shoving a cold rod up your va jay jay 0.0

Not really--I wouldn't go on a daily basis, but it's not scary. In fact, for me it's less scary than going to my regular doctor!

idk i would be able to tell you about gyno what is gyno???

Not scary if you're healthy :)

I've never been, but I really should go at some point. I just don't feel like having someone poking and proding down there.


It is scary at first, and no one like to go, but for your healths sake you need to. They examine your breasts for lumps, and they do an internal of your vagina, examining your cervix. You may also have a pap smear. It isn't the worst thing in the world, but I wouldn't label it scary really! Good luck.

no. they give you an doctors wide...

nothing to worry about.
what they do depends what you are going to see them for.

Its nerve racking the first time, definately, but remember this is their job and they're just trying to help you. They put the "duck bill" up you and I won't lie, it is uncomfortable but its not in there long. Ok, now I don't know if this is normal, but my very first exam the doc stuck her fingy up my rear and didn't tell me she was gonna do it, yeah, not fun but never had that done since.

It's not scary. It's like going to the dentist. You really don't like it all that much, but it's important to go, so you do it once a year.

Not scary but the gyne will check on your lower private part inside and if it's a male'll feel like a bit shy. But it's harmless. Just relax and you'll be ok.

Not any scarier than going to a dentist. If it's your first time you may feel embarrassed. Don't worry. Women need to visit gynos. Make your appointment!

It's scary at first. But after a few times it's fine. I wouldn't want to go every week, but once a year isn't bad. Typically you get a breast examine and a quick vag examine, mine typically is done under 5 minutes.

If you are nervous, go to a woman doctor. All the doctors, male or female should act very professionally. You should also request a nurse be present if not already there..most doctros have someone else there routinely. You wil lay on a bed with feet in stirrups and be covered with a drape. The doctor doesnt see your whole body, just works thru a little opening in the drape. It only takes a couple minutes and just feels kinda cold and a little real pain.

No, its not scary. A little nerve wracking...but not scary.
They mainly ask of your health issues and if you have had any problems and of course if there is a certain reason that you are should definitley go though, and get tested if you are sexually active. No harm in making sure you and your partner stay clean.
Anyway, they just ask questions, talk with you about birth control, etc...and when it comes to the physical aspect they use their tools and check you inside (which doesnt hurt at all) and press on your abs to make sure they dont feel anything cancerous.
Its cake. Good luck.

serious im a dude and i strongly emplore you to go to a female one its not rite for a man to be poking around in there you understand and you should not be scared you have the same parts as every other women out there besides thats how you can tell if your healthy or not women need thoes slapsmears every now and then be safe sweetheart and dont be afraid

It really isn't scary. Honestly, I just find it a bit awkward. Just remember, these doctors have seen it all! Don't be ashamed to ask questions about anything. It doesn't hurt either. The exam itself is a little uncomfortable but it should never be painful. Also, the doctors and nurses are pretty nice about explaining everything that's going on.

No. They ask you a bunch of questions about family history and stuff like that. They will warm up the instruments and ask you to lay back. The doctor will insert a finger or two and press down on your tummy simultaneously. He/She will then take the 'separator' and insert that and widen your cervix to take a sample to test for cervical cancer. It only takes about 2-3 minutes. It does not feel good, but you will have a clean bill of health until next year.

undress from the waste down and put these paper sheet over your lap and sit here at the end of this table with more paper on it. The doc comes in avoids eye contact tells you to scooch farther down the table and put your feet in the stirrups he magically extends. You are red in the face and do as he says. He takes out a big instrument that will be cold and tells you he will be spreading so just relax. You don't its uncomfortable and then he proceeds with alot of goop you will be feeling the rest of the day and he looks at you with a light and scrapes with a qtip.
My suggestion, get a female they now how uncomfortable it is. No matter what though, GO.

its not scary but its not fun either. most doctors will explain everything they are doing before they do it so there wont be any surprises. the worst part for me the first time was getting my finger pricked since i dont deal well with needles. but im not sure if they do that for every exam or even if most doctors do it since my mom said she never has that. once they get to do the exam it doesnt take long. i usually bring a book so i have something to do while im waiting in the room for them good luck.

Most woman freak out- but dont worry its not scary. Think of it this way- the person who is doing it does this job for a living so they are very used to it so dont be stressed that you think you look or smell weird cause everyone is different. When you get there they will tell you to undress from the bottom down and then when they come back into the room they will tell you to put your legs up and spread them open and they normally put this thing up there to keep it spread open and they will take something and take a sample of the cells from up there. It takes about 5 minutes and its really no big deal. So relax and dont stress- good luck.

Yes, it is a bit scary. But once it is over it is a great relief. The MD basically examines you in your reproductive area, and takes a pap sample which is sent to the lab for testing. Really it is not that big of a deal, the thought of it is worse than it really is as it is over with pretty quickly. Physicians know their patients are uncomfortable and usually do a pretty good job respecting this. You may feel more comfortable with a female MD, it is aways your choice. I don't blame you for being scared but it is really important to get it done.

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