Is it bad to use tampons overnite?!

Question: can they cause irritation if used too much?

Answers: can they cause irritation if used too much?

LADIES! Never Leave a Tampon in for more than 4 or 5 hours. It Is very dangerous!! You can develope TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME.. seriously.. I had a friend that died that way... Please read the box....

no its just not a good idea.
unless you take it out before 8hours and remember in the morning

not if you put one in right before you go to sleep and change it as soon as you get up, you can wear them for 8 hours, I usually only sleep 7 and a half

yeah those can cause irritation.

my sister says yeah because sometimes it stays insiide and ur supposed to change it every 5 hours or something

if you read the paper that comes in the tampon box it can explain it all to you. but for a watered down version--you can sleep in them but you REALLY don't want to keep them in longer than 8 hours.

It can cause toxic shock syndrome if you don't change it every few hours. Worse than irritation. Better to use pads at night...

Well, I'm 14 nearly 15 and haven't started yet. But from what I've picked up from my friends is that it is usually better to sleep in pads. That way if you sleep a while, you don't have to get up in the middle of the night to change it... pads i would think would be more comfy, too. I hope I helped :]

It's not really because of irritation - the reason that it's best not to use them overnight is because of the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can happen if you leave a tampon in for too long. However, if you insert a fresh tampon before going to bed and remove it immediately after waking up, it should be OK, even though it is a bit risky. It has nothing to do with irritation, though.

A tampon may be left in overnight for up to eight hours. I've never had irritation from a tampon. If you leave it in too long, though, you raise your risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). I prefer to use pads at night, and put a tampon in first thing in the morning, when my flow is heaviest.

No it's fine as long as you change immediately before going to bed and immediately after getting up again.

You shouldn't wear a tampon all the time, apparently, and a lot of girls would rather wear a pad at night because then they can wear tampons all day.

I'd rather not wear pads at all I HATE THEM and much prefer tampons, I usually wear them more than you are supposed to and it's never done me (or my mum...or my sister...or my auntie...or my friends...) any harm, but you do what ever you feel most comfortable with.

it used to be but now they advice you not to just use them in the day and use a pad at night best to be safe than sorry
all the best

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