I want to have an orgasm but how?!

Question: When ever I try to arouse myself it ends up maknig me feel like I have to pee. So I stop because I'm afraid I will. But I REALLY want to have one. Any thoughts?

Answers: When ever I try to arouse myself it ends up maknig me feel like I have to pee. So I stop because I'm afraid I will. But I REALLY want to have one. Any thoughts?

hmmm interesting well for your first time id say if u want it to be passante id say 1 go in your room lock the door turn out all the lights and close your eyes as u lay in your bed amagine a man { can make one up } or some one u wana be with and feel his hands slowly go over your body in many motions { run your hands along your body coping were u amagine hes going ect . then as u imagine him go in use a cucumber /or vibrating tooth brush / or a regular vibrator / Tip cucumber with vibrating condom is extremely pleasure full and if u put heated condom on top of the vibrating one ull *** like nothing eles .... and have fun it u want quicky ... 2 -3 fingers one hand rub breasts and open mouth / lick fingers or get a small vibrator at walmart or stop and shop ages 13 and up can get them its small but does trick that feeling lick u wana pee its your first time its only u doing it experiment dont be scared ... no one will stop u honny .. happy pleasure and one more Tip the top of the female genital theyre is a pleasure spot rub it alot it will make u go insane !!{ good thing

go pee first

use a vibrator! it works! and dont stick anything inside you can just rub. ok? ok bye

Invest in a good vibrator.

If your afraid your going to pee and make a mess do it in the bath. No harm no foul. Good luck.

Use the bathroom first. You will never reach one if you stop once you feel a strong sensation.. The trick is to continue. Perhaps you can try it in the shower. That way if you have to p.. you won't wet yourself.

concentrate on the clit. Peeing sensation is normal. That is actually female ejaculation

hey when i was trying to have my first orgasm it made me feel like i had to pee too. so the solution is simple try and take a bath and do it in the bath tub and try it there where you are comfortable and alone. and if your fingers arent working try running water over the same spot and just wait. you will know that you have reached orgasm when your vagina starts contracting. and beleive me the first few times make take a while for it to happen. but just stay where you are and keep rubbing or stay under the water and eventually it will happen. and trust me it is worth the wait.

I think you are trying too hard. The peeing sensations you are feeling can be a precursor to an actual orgasm as the stimulation will often mimic sensations with which you have already become familiar. If you have time, go to the bathroom first thereby eliminating your fear of an "accident."

The secret is arousal which is a mental thing more than a physical thing. Once you are aroused, either through fantasy or other external stimulus the rest will follow naturally. There are some artificial stimulators that may help if you are reluctant or find it difficult to do manually. Just remember this is supposed to be fun, not a job or something to be conquered.

im only 16 so call me


That feeling is how some women describe the feeling when it's close. A lot of the same muscles are involved.

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