Question: i know that when u get discharge,that means u will usually get ur period very soon. i am 14 and i have been getting discharge since i was like 11. inever got my period yet? what is wrong w/ me? is it possible 4 a grl never 2 get her period?

Answers: i know that when u get discharge,that means u will usually get ur period very soon. i am 14 and i have been getting discharge since i was like 11. inever got my period yet? what is wrong w/ me? is it possible 4 a grl never 2 get her period?

(looser) haha inside joke is an idiot. My sister didn't get her's untill she was 21. But she looked like a fully developed women. Don't worry about it, your fine. Trust me, it really isn't that great having it, so enjoy the time you have with out it!

no latest is 16

gawd dont worry!

lol...its sumthing most girls have..i had it too so really..dont worry!!!

It is fine. You will get your period soon though, because it is about time. Best thing to do is to just be ready. : )

u will get the best answers for this from the doctor.
u need to hav yr period.
ask yr parents to take u too the doctor

thanks for asking that question,
i have the same problem
but im 13.
for me, i just kinda get discharge all the time.
never had my period.
i guess we're fine..?

Technically, nothing is wrong with you. There's only a problem if your period does not come by the time you're 17. You can see your doctor about any concerns you have.

dont worry same here. you just started early....dont worry you shou have it sometime and some people (not to get you down) dont ahve theirs until about 16 or 18....good luck i hope i helped

well, 14 is a tad late, but probably not unheard of. but you might want to have a talk with your family doctor. for reassurance.

then when it does come, you'll know what all the fuss is about

most girls get discharge young. Usually it will change color before you start, go from a clear to a more yellow or brown. You'll get it! Be grateful you dont have it yet!

No, you will have your period son enough,but GO TO THE DOCTOR.As hard as it may be,you need to find out what is wrong with you.

better meet gyno doctors for this dont be negligent

well i got my period at 11 and i used to get discharge at 9 years old so i got my period 2 years later so wait 2 years or maybe sooner

same thing happened to me and i got my period when i was almost 15. don't worry your normal:)

Having a discharge makes you a women, it does not mean that you are going to start your period. I get a discharge before and after my period. Don't be in such a hurry to start your period. It sucks and you will get it every month for 30 years or so.

Its amasing how many girls on here have some kind of discharge.

It's possible if you were not human. Look it up or go get it checked out, that is definitely not normal. & no, im not some weirdo, my GF is studying to b a nurse & always tells me interesting **** from her classes.

you should ask you local doctor about this they probably know more but,for now i think ur taking a step toward getting it. About you being 11 and having discharges kinda makes it hard to find out what is wrong wit you but i hope i helped (keep in mind to visit ur doctor)

i had discharge for 2 years before i got my first period at 13.

but no, nothing's wrong. and it isn't possible for you never to get your period.

hope this helps (:

dont worry. personally, i had a discharge for about 4 years until i had my first period at 15. its perfectly normal though if you are worried, try to pay extra attention to kepping *that area* as clean as possible.

i was really worried id never get it and was relieved that i did, though some people dont until they are 16/17. if you are really worried about it though, i would suggest talking to your mum or going to the doctor just to be sure. the worst they can do is give you some tablets to sort it out but really, its nothing to worry about at all!

im nearly 16 now and still get worried about it all! just remember you are not alone!

You're completely normal. Getting your period is NOT about age. It is about your weight and the physical maturity of your body. Many girls who are very thin tend to not get their periods until a little later. Girls who are just a few pounds heavier and are already maturing (developing breasts and pubic hair) tend to get their periods sooner. It's a part of life and will come on it's own time. Enjoy not having it right now!

I had discharge for several years before I finally got my period at 14 1/2 years old. So don't worry; everything's fine.

yess my mom knows a girl who never did but still had kids weird but its true

i started getting discharge since 3rd grade and i got my period at don't worry...youll get it soon

nothing is wrong with you. You will get your period when your body is ready. You could be 18 before you get it and it would be fine.

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