Do birthcontrol pills?!

Question: or any other form of birthcontrol make your breasts bigger? Do they also clear your skin?

Answers: or any other form of birthcontrol make your breasts bigger? Do they also clear your skin?

Yes, currently i am on Ortho-Cyclone and you should try Ortho-TRi Cyclone, becuase that is for people who also have a case of acne.

Maybe the bigger the better

yes and yes. its the estrogen.

Yeah they make your breast bigger by like a cup usually and yes they do make your skin more clear.

Certain BCP's can help to clear your skin. As for the breast development I guess it depends on the type of hormones that are in them.

i gained weight with the pill, and yes, it did wonders for my skin.

however, i got off it. i don't like the idea of fake hormones running rampant in my body


they can also cause fibroid tumors in some they did me.....dont do it...use another form or get a boob job and wash your face.

Increased breast size is a very common side effect of taking the pill. The pill has the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which are factors in breast development. Sometimes these changes are lasting and sometimes they are not. Some women may simply experience bloating, which gives the appearance of larger breasts--this is usually temporary. But the situation is not dangerous. At most, the sudden change might cause discomfort or pain, which can be relieved by taking Ibuprofen and applying cold compresses.

As for the skin, its rumored they clear skin.

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