Sometimes I don't take a shower for 48 hours.?!

Question: Sometimes I forget, like today.

Answers: Sometimes I forget, like today.

How can you forget to shower, bet you don't have a girlfriend, who wants a ping pong for a boyfriend.

No, it's fine. A lot of foreign countries take baths every other day/s.

It's too cold for me, so screw it. No smell, I'm fine.

in short, no.

But you might smell a bit.

i know someone who takes a shower once a week, whether they need it or not!

no i do it, i'm fine!

yeah your smell is gonna cause a rift in the spacetime continuum. You've put us all at great risk, thx a lot a-hole.

Sometimes if I dont shower one night but shower the next I still feel smelly. If you really feel you need a shwoer and you smell then you should follow the signs

that is bad to do

I don't see what the question is. It's not bad to not shower every day, plenty of people do it. But still, I don't understand what you're asking.

no its fine. your actually not suppose to wash your hair everyday
only every second day. its okay if you dont have a shower everyday.

You may start getting a little crusty.......

You are fine.

You should for health's sake, but I wonder why this question is in Women's Health specifically.

kinda hard to forget to take a shower it is the first thing I do when I wake up and when I get off work.

do not brag about not taking a shower.
no body want to here that you are dirty on the internet.
why dont you go take a shower


Its fine relax i take a shower evry second day and i'm fine

there was a tv program where they studied a man and a woman who went without showers, teeth brushing, any deo etc etc... for six weeks.
they had their bacteria on body levels teste before and after... and they were still 'clean' and within the normal range

sometimes i skip a shower, but if its in the morning that i shower then i generally shower the following evening at the absolute latest, sometimes the next morning if being very lazy... but i prefere once a day and in the morning cause it wakes me up and i dont like feeling dirty

There's nothing wrong with not taking a shower for up to 2 days. You actually don't need to take a shower on a daily basis. Two to three times a week is good.

But....seriously though......what does this have to do with women's health?

iwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww u should take a shower every day!

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