Is it true that the last child is the tallest ?!

Question: thats what my friend said.

my sister is 5ft 4 or 3 - shes the oldest
my brother is 5ft 11 - in the middle but boys tend to be taller(my dad is 5ft 9)
and me is 5ft 4 (the last child)

Answers: thats what my friend said.

my sister is 5ft 4 or 3 - shes the oldest
my brother is 5ft 11 - in the middle but boys tend to be taller(my dad is 5ft 9)
and me is 5ft 4 (the last child)

My two eldest are short and my two youngest are taller. that is boy girl, boy girl so in my family at least, your theory is correct :-)

Could be, my youngest sister is the tallest.

lol noooooooooooo

You just answered your own question. Your middle brother is taller then you! Duh?!

No that's not true. I'm the first and I'm taller than my sibling.

It hardly seems fact though it is true in my family.

My oldest sister is 5'7
I am 5'6
My younger brother is 6'3

actually that works in my family too , hadnt thought about it but hey yeh lol

my brother is older than me and 6 foot 2 and I am 5 foot 1- However the youngest is usually the better looking from my experience !(sorry to offend anyone thats just my opinion)

I have never heard that before but I have two sons and the youngest is the tallest at 6'4 and the eldest is 6'1

that is so not true!!!!! i am the first child and i am the tallest amoung my brother and sister!!! i am 2 years older than them

my middle son is the tallest he was also the longest lenth at birth

I don't think this is true...
I'm the eldest out of all my siblings and the tallest
My boyfriend is the last child and he's the shortest

How does your body know which child to make the tallest?? It doesn't because it'll never know if you're going to have anymore children...

Not true in my family, My eldest daughter is 5ft 7, my middle and youngest daughter are both 5t 3. I'm 5ft 4 amd my big brother is 5ft 9!!

nope, i am the youngest and am the shortest of 4

no definately not, im the last child and my older brother is taller than me, im 5ft 2 and hes 6ft 1

No, it's definitely not true. I'm the youngest, but my brother, who is the middle child, is the tallest. So, while it may happen in some families, it's not a rule. Your friend is incorrect.

I think its rather true, my boyfriend is 14 and so is his other bro. And my boyfriend was the last and he is reaalllyyy tall.

actually i would say that is quite tru coz
my 3 sista's 28,24,23yrs old are all shorter then me by like a head n then my older bro 16 is taller then me but all boys in my fam r reallllly tall but yea aye im even taller then my mum n im only 15 but look 19 for my age : )

A quick guide is :- sons are usually taller than mum,daughters smaller than dad.

I think this is true. My brother is the youngest and he is the tallest.

haha no, i'm the youngest by almost a decade in my family. im 5'1 my oldest bro is 6'1 and my middle bros are about 5'6 and 5;8

NOT in my family !

Not at all, my oldest (22 years) brother is 6ft 4 but my youngest (16years) brother is about 5ft 4.
We're all hoping he's going to get a big growth spurt soon but it doesn't look likely...

Nope, I'm the last child and I'm way smaller than my brothers.. There's 5 of them, and they're all about 6'2 :P
Meanwhile, I'm 5'3..

not really sure about that one, i suppose it depends on your genes and what sex you are too, i am the oldest but i am the same height as my sister and my mum, we are all 5ft 4, my brother is the youngest and he is 5ft 9, but my dad is also tall at 5 ft 9, but mostly all of the women in both sides of my family are quite short and the men on my mum's side are short, but all of the men on my dad's side of the family are tall.

No! I'm the last and I'm the shortest one, not even 5 ft at 13 years old.

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