Is it true if you are on the period you grow slowly ?!

Question: i mean you have started it, and during the years you grow slowly or even stop growing ?

Answers: i mean you have started it, and during the years you grow slowly or even stop growing ?

Silly girl, there is no connection between the two. Don't beleive everything you hear.

Btw, it's 2008 and i am still the biggest fan.

no, there's no connection to your period and growing.

I'm not sure but that towuld suck for me if it was true because I got my period when i was 12 and now im 14

and im only 95 pounds and 5'0 D=!! i wanna gain more weight and grow WAy TAller!!?

No. Your period has nothing to do with growth,

There is some truth in what you say. It really has more to do with timing then anything else.

Most girls start their period when they are all ready close to their target height.

Menes does not cause you to grow slower.

It could a possibility. I do know once someone reaches a level of maturity the growing process usually slows down or come to a complete stop. You period really have nothing to do with it. It really have to do with maturity by that I mean by the time you have fully grown pubic hair, and reach a certain cup size and height.

Generally, the arrival of a girl's period (menarche) marks the end stage of puberty in that girl. That does not mean that you will stop growing necessarily once you get your period. It just means that the rapid growth that occurs during puberty will no longer happen. However, this is not a golden rule as for some girls, their period comes on early on in puberty or even way after puberty is over. It is not the period itself that affects growth, but rather the timing of the period is a marker that suggests that most likely this girl is reaching the end of puberty.

Im 5ft && I weigh 8 stone and a bit. Maybe its just your body that is like that. If you are really worried about it go to the doctors


No it is not true because i got my period when i was 12 and i have grown much taller ever since!

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