What is a gall bladder?!

Question: again im young. and why would ppl have it removed

Answers: again im young. and why would ppl have it removed

your gall bladder releases enzymes collecively called bile into your stomach to help it out in digesting food that you eat. it also stores excess bile and a few other things but thats the main thing you should know. Your body doesn't need it but it does help a lot. the reason people have it removed is because with an improper diet it can produce fairly large stones that can obstruct certain pathways which cause lots of pain and many other complications.

its your bladder with gall

people heve them removed because they get gall stones

The gallbladder is an organ that holds bile. Bile is a liquid that is produced by your liver that your body uses to digest fats. If you eat a fatty meal that needs bile to be digested the gallbladder swings into action and squeezes out some extra.

People get the gallbladder removed mostly because they have gallstones, which are little crystals that accumulate in the gallbladder and cause bad bellyaches in some people. You can do fine without a gallbladder, though once it's gone it is beneficial to take better care of your diet. You might also have it removed if you had cancer in it or precancerous changes, but gallstones are much more likely.

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