Am i still a virgin?!

Question: i havent ever had sex properly but I had dry sex with a guy the other night because we were really randy and I was on my period!

Answers: i havent ever had sex properly but I had dry sex with a guy the other night because we were really randy and I was on my period!

Yeah you are, if he had gone inside you you wouldn't be however.

yes you are still a virgin, you'll know when your not lol

Yeah your still a virgin!

yes until you have sex properly you are still a virgin. I would only loose your virginity when the time is right, you could regret it the rest of your life. Be sure you are ready

YEs you are.

You dont technically lose 'it' until he's inside you.

unless he actually put his penis inside you, you are still a virgin

yes you are

yes you are a virgin sounds like your to young anyway or i think you would have known.

You are still a virgin technically because he didn't break your membranes inside. That is the medical way of describing a virgin. Mentally, you're probably not, because you've come so close. But, yes, until he puts his penis inside you, and breaks through your virgin membrane, you are still a virgin. Even if he only puts in a tiny bit.... doesn't count. Has to be full inside.

some times doing cycling sports action hymen can bo break so ur not virgin

nah you're good don't worry about it. unless he was actually inside you then you're a virgin. i would wait as long as possible to have sex though, you could really regret it.

Not too many people would count cycling sports as sex either. Having sex is another criteria for virginity loss. You could take the seat off the bike and still be a virgin because it is not sex. I don't know what you'd call it, but its not sex.

Smile dammit!!!!!

you are still a virgin until a man penetrates your vagina with his dick.

So dont worry you are!


yes your still a virgin hunny

so what if you are 16 if you knew what you where doing you wouldn't be asking such a question go and talk to your mother, and as for the man in your life if he is one if he had any respect for you he would not of touch you when you where on your period he is not human he is an animal and if you had any respect for your body you would not of let him near you when you where on your period sorry but you are a disgrace like it or lump it

By most definitions, you're still a virgin as long as you haven't had penis-vagina penetration (whether he ejaculates inside of you or not).

Yes You are Still A Virginn

Yes you are :) lol.

virginity seems important and that is good safe guard it until right time

until you receive full penetration from a man you will be classed as a vigin

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