When the doctor looks at your vaginal regions, can they tell if you hymen's !

Question: Just curious :)

Answers: Just curious :)

Yes ... but we don't take any notice ... unless abuse is a concern in a minor

Yes they can.

yes they sure can.

no. the doctor has to do a check up on you, which is a little complicated but quick.



just like in the prison break series..
a girl can be easily distinguished if she has active sex life or she has BF/husband by just seeing those datas that the Gynecologist have,,,

Yes. One of the pre-marraige rituals in the old days was for the older women to examine the bride prior to marraige to see if she was a virgin.
'Hymen intactus' was proof of the maiden state. Which is why the Hymen is also known colloquially as 'the maidenhead'.
In the orient, virgins are at a premium, and, especially in brothels, more can be charged for a virgin. So oriental surgeons will restore the maidenhead through plastic surgery, hence the same girl can be 'deflowered' many times.

They certainly can. There used to be "doctors" back in the day who were sent in to check out whether or not a woman had already had sex before marriage as a way of checking her "quality."
Those crazy old-timers hundreds of years ago.

Are you kidding? My doctor had to stick his hand in. He kept saying that I was pregnant (and I kept saying that I've never had sex). Ugh.

yes, but since it does not mean that you are sexually active, what does it matter?

Yes, but not how unless it was in the past day or so I suspect.

yes they can tell

Yes, they can. And if you know yours isn't it's best to tell the doctor ahead of time.

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