Are you alowed to just ask your doctor to check your thyroid?!

Question: i live in uk if that makes a difference!

i thought your doctor had to recomend tests are you alowed to ask him to check for things too???

Answers: i live in uk if that makes a difference!

i thought your doctor had to recomend tests are you alowed to ask him to check for things too???

I assume you have symptoms which may be linked to an over or underactive thyroid? If you have dry skin, a hoarse voice, thinning hair, feel the cold more than usual, are very tired then you could by underactive (hypothyroid). If you are losing weight rapidly, have sweats and an enlarged goitre then you could be over active. Can I ask why you think you need your thyroid tested?

I did - no problems

You can ask your doctor anything. He might ask you why you think the test is necessary. Just explain your reasons.

No - you can definitely ask - and you can ask a nurse to check for you too.

You can ask your doctor ANYTHING.

It wouldn't hurt. I'm not sure what kind of problem you are having, but he may recommend other things first for you to try at home, and if it hasn't improved, then they may check your thyroid levels (ex: if you are having unusual fatigue, he may tell you to increase amount of fruits/vegetables in your diet, taking a multivitamin, etc).

of course you can! if your worried about anything that is what your gp is there for! dont worry about it too much they will do what it takes to put your mind at ease!

It never hurts to ask. Besides, thyroid tests are easy to do. They take a blood sample and test the hormone levels and that's all there is to it. Your doctor will probably want to know why you want it tested, but it's your body. You have the right to know what's going on with it.

of course you can ask your doctor he may want to know what symptoms you have that you make you want to have it checked.
it never hurts to ask.

You can ask your doctor anything!

If you think you have a thyroid problem go to this site:

I do have a thyroid problem and I find it very useful. Depending on if you think your thyroid is overactive(hyperthyroid) or underactive(hypothyroid), They have checklists for symptoms and risks you can complete and bring into your doctor if you want.

most Dr. that iv been to don't recommend things to prevent a problem... but i do think that they should.. n if there is something that your concerned with, than yes you should ask him to do a test.. but most insurances wont cover it unless there is a medical reason to do the test..

If you think you have the symptoms of a malfunctioning thyroid gland then it is a medical problem and of course you can ask your GP about it. However, he will probably just perform the simple test of your basal temperature to check if your problems are likely to be caused by thyroid malfunction. If your basal temperature is in the normal range he will probably not refer you on for further tests. You can check your basal temperature yourself.

Yes, you certainly are. Your surgery usually has a phlebotomist, or a nurse, who takes blood samples, and that will tell you whether you have a thyroid problem or not. You should make an appointment with your doctor immediately if you think you have a thyroid, or any other, problem.

yes u can.

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