Girls do you get this too... please answer!?!

Question: is it normal to have like small blood clots in your period?

Answers: is it normal to have like small blood clots in your period?

yes it is them blood clots are not blood clots but the lining of your uterus. It is when your lining peels away if you investigate them a bit further and open them up you will find it looks exactly like bloody skin. No need to worry totally normal if they are jello like that is also normal because that is just a big chuck of lining coming down.

Dont worry totally normal just your womb getting rid of the lining which isnt been used means you are not pregnant.

Best wishes



110% Normal, you just wouldnt be a girl if you didnt

Yes hun! When i first starting my period i thought it was so wierd and i thought that something was wrong with me. Then i talked to a few close friends at school and they all have them. Its normal!

i hope so because i have always had it since i started when i was 13 (10 years ago, oh my!)

perfectly normal, as is brown drier blood.

yes i get them all the time, dont worry about it


darling ur perfectly normal! clots r the lining of the uterus! don' worry bout it!

yer dont worry yourself its normal ... i worried myself but i just got on with it and i had no problems.

Yes you are normal like the rest of us. I used to think the clot was the egg coming away.

Yes. You have to remember that what your period is, is just the protective lining in your womb, depositing because it hasn't been used, and sometimes it doesn't completely break down. This was a very good question though.

like everyone says, it's very normal. It's the lining of your uterus. Dont be worried by it :-)

Definitely .. you are fine. don't worry =]

YES YES YES!!! Every single time that happens to me. I always wondered if I was a freak or something, but I guess I am not. or maybe we are both freaks. lmao

it is just that if ur blood is sitting there for a month it might clot a bit so yeah ti is totally normal.

perfectly normal. You should only be concerned if they are larger than a 50 pence piece (as a guide).

yes - its very normal xx

yes, i get them too! so glad am not alone in the world.

a peroid is the sheading of the vaginal inner layer. the layer is mostly liquid (blood) but also solid (clots)

Yes, I get them all the time. If you didn't get small blood clots then you would bleed to death, it stops the bleeding. It is perfectly normal.

This is absolutly normal. Don't Worry :) can be still consider a period...the blood clots are from old period stuck up in u that is finally being released...just your body cleaning itself... completely normal...happens 2 me a couple of times a year...

Yes, it's normal. Don't worry about it.

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