Is getting pregnant a sin?!

Question: Is getting pregnant (or trying to) a sin?

Answers: Is getting pregnant (or trying to) a sin?

it is wrong to have sex before getting married but if u do and u repent and still r goign to have a baby its fine God has a perfect plan 4 that baby even though u made a mistake God loves u. When u r married and have a kid thats fine

only out of wedlock

No, Then all of us would be going to HELL!!!!

Not if your married, but it's not my place to judge it.

no way! bring a baby into the world is a beautiful thing! just be sure that u are ready for the responsibility. but not a sin at all! its what we were born to do

In the Christian religion, trying to get pregnant or becoming pregnant outside of marriage is a sin. I'm not sure about other religions, though.

if you are not married yes
if you are then OF COURSE NOT!

of course not, its reproduction u cant blame species on wanting to reproduce

If you are not married, the church considers it a sin. But if you are then it is not at all.

Depends upon the religion. It's not a sin unless you are pregnant from a man who is not your husband.

if getting pregnant was a sin then there would be no more christians.

I think if you plan to love the baby it isn't and if it's done out of wdlock o well you still love the kid and single parents rock or at least mine did

No, it is a totally natural thing for a man and a woman to do. Conceiving before marriage is considered frowned-upon by some religions.

only if your not married.

No not a sin. You really should be married or in a real good realtionship if you are trying to get pregnant.

Sex outside of legal marriage is a sin. Getting pregnant is always a blessing, sometimes disguised. Trying to get pregnant without being married, stable, committed, mature and secure is downright foolish and selfish.

hell naw, little baby mamma mary got her *** pregnant and she is in the bible. Go for it!

Are you married? If yes then its okay.
But if you are not married uhh YAH it is totally a sin.

Not if your married

No, it is not a sin. However, if you lie about trying to get pregnant by not telling your significant other that is a sin. And mean.
One thing you may want to consider is this. If you don't have enough of an internal value system in place (which is why you are asking this question) - then you shouldn't have a kid yet. We pass our values onto children and if you don't have anything to give them, they won't have any either. Children aren't something to have just so you have something to cuddle.

It only is if you're not married

according to Christianity and Islam...getting pregnant without getting married is a sin....

and if ur maried..its the most beautiful thing to do.... children are a gift of GOD and very precious...but one need to make sure that he/she can take good care of them...

if you're not married yes and you will go to Hell ! but if your married that is what God wants

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