Why do guys care about breasts so much???!

Question: why does it matter?!

Answers: why does it matter?!

u guys are all getting too serious..... the real reason is that men have to stare at sumthin..... we wud stare at toes but they just arnt that intrstn...... lol......

Because thats how God made them. Stupid and Horny. Very Funny God haha.

Obviously, they care because they do not have them. It is a purely feminine trait (although in this day and age in America, I wouldn't doubt it in the obese kids). Would it not be awkward for guys to ignore them when breasts are a such difference compared to their own body? But it doesn't matter... and like somebody else said, stupidity plays role.

your brests most be little

Cops kidd is the most stupid girl I've ever met ...this is what happens when u get and idiot some education.....to answer ur question...us guys need stimulation....and breasts do it....perhaps u are too young to understand now but without that stimulation it'd be very difficult for humans(and all mammalian species) to procreate(reproduce)...hence u often see guys eyeing girls having big boobs....and not eyeing the ones with small breast...it's not cause they are horny or perverted(most are not although some might be mind you)it's just that they are selecting....a women with bigger breasts has more chances of giving nutrition(a.k.a breast feed) a child....see we guys don't wanna admit it..but it's been programmed in us by nature...long before we were born!

Sid, you're not so bright yourself...large breasts in NO WAY reflect a woman's abilty to breast feed. In fact, smaller breasted women usually do better in this regard.

I know! This kid in the 8th grade is always talking about how "haha my boobs wont grow any bigger b/c I'm a gymnast." yeah that aint true.

David Berry once wrote:

"Guys examine women's breasts as though there was important safety information written there."

In truth, a instinctual part of our brain associates large breasts with sex drive/sexual readiness.

This is totally wrong of course - but it's instinct.

Another part - when girls start to develop, special underwear come out to hide things. This of course makes us wonder what girls are hiding, and this increases the facination.

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