I'm so sick of having...?!

Question: bags under myy eyyes how do i get them to go awayy ?? thanks

Answers: bags under myy eyyes how do i get them to go awayy ?? thanks

You are such a mean *****.

Don't ******* answer my questions if you just going to be mean about it, stupid idiot.

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I think I once heard after you're done making tea, put the tea bags under your eyes.

I would think Strivectin would help or something like it (Strixaderm).To me they both smell like Preparation H that costs a mint but I read somewhere that one of the rappers, yes a guy, uses it under his eyes for the bags from partying. Try looking that up on Yahoo Search, using Preparation H. Supposedly it shrinks the bags. Strivectin has an eye cream. It's at GNC

don't sleep on your face or the sides. this condition is caused by wrong sleeping positions............

try to get more rest at least 8-10hours per night if not try taking an hour or so nap during the day
try cucumbers everyday for 15-20 mins
or a cool facial mask everyday
But sleep is goingto get them togo away

I have bags too and my sister makes fun of them

Sleep, make up, beauty cremes. Natural treatments like cucumbers. Surf the internet there many possibilities.

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