Question: im nauseated.... when i eat and i get faintish... i had 2 periods in december what could that mean?

Answers: im nauseated.... when i eat and i get faintish... i had 2 periods in december what could that mean?

Although the cause of irregular bleeding can vary according to individual health situations, some of the more common causes include:

Hormonal fluctuations
Beginning or stopping oral contraceptives or estrogens
Low thyroid levels
IUDs occasionally cause slight spotting
Injury to the vagina from insertion of objects, from malignant cancers, or from vaginal infections
Certain drugs such as anticoagulants
Vaginal dryness
GYN procedures such as CONE biopsy or cervical cauterization
If bleeding is heavy, bed rest may be recommended. Keep a record of the number of pads or tampons that you use so that your physician can determine whether bleeding is abnormally heavy. It's best to avoid taking aspirin because it can prolong bleeding. Whenever you experience irregular bleeding from unknown causes it is wise to call your physician for an appointment, as well as when bleeding occurs after menopause or when other symptoms are present.

still go to OBGYN

I'm not exactly sure what it could mean, but it's not normal to have two periods in one month.. unless of course one was at the very beginning, and one started at the very end....

If you're truly concerned, give your doctor a call. That's what they're there for! Goodluck. :)

It means you need to see a Gyno!

This could be tss do u use tampoons?
U probably got two periods bcuz your body is new at it or u are stressed out and if u are no to both well sometime the femal body does that due to polycystic ovarian syndrom or just normalness.
I f youve been feeling like this a long time u need to go to a doctor there could be an underlying cause or u simply need to eat better and more healthier and foods with iron regualrly. But if anything go to the doctor asap!
Good luck

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