Do Super Tampons Hurt?!

Question: Answer truthfully please, i need someones honest opinion!!!! HELP! thank you oh so very much!

Answers: Answer truthfully please, i need someones honest opinion!!!! HELP! thank you oh so very much!

It all depends on you. For me, no they don't hurt at all. I'm in my 30s and have been using tampons for more than 15 years. When you think about it - it is physically possible for a baby to fit out of the opening, so a super tampon isn't really that big. However, if you're nervous or very small and younger, you may find they hurt a bit, only you will be able to tell. You can try them and if they bother you, you don't need to use them yet.

I only use the super tampons for 1 day of my period. The heavy day, other than that, I don't need them. You should always use the lowest absorbency that is needed..

If they are too big for you they do. Try little ones first and work your way up till you know what fits you perfect.

They hurt me a little (very narrow vagina)...just try regular for now and then try super later.

Use Pearl!
They don't hurt as bad as those cheap, rest stop tampon machine kind.

if you are young they might and you should only use super ones if you period is that heavy bc it can cause tss

no. it doesn't hurt, but it will be hard to put in.

DO NOT USE SUPER UNLESS YOU REALLY HAVE TO. Seriously! They have a greater risk of giving you TSS (toxic shock syndrome) and they HURT LIKE HELL! Use them only in emergencies or if they are what you NEED!

god those things are hugeee
me and my friend were playing with one of her moms super tampons (haha, we were putting food coloring on then and leaving them on people's doorsteps hahahahahaha) and they were hugee
god lites are hard to get in, i would die trying to fit in a super

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