My daughter threw up maggots is she ok?!

Question: the doctor said its un heard of and dont know how she got it she isnt around flys???

Answers: the doctor said its un heard of and dont know how she got it she isnt around flys???

If you are still in doubt, I would seek out a second opinion ( not the internet.) I Have never heard of maggots traveling to some ones brain ( at least not a live person.) They will not eat your insides either ( if you are living). You need a MEDICAL opinion. there is a whole lot of ignorance on here. X-rays look for bones and solid objects, CT scans look at soft tissue so an x-ray may not be very helpful. ( as for the post below, it is what they call an URBAN LEGEND, the case that they are reffering to was found to be a hoax ( google it). Some people have gotten maggots inside wounds, one documented on happened to be on a head, not in it. They eat the dying and dead flesh of the wounds. They actually are researching maggot therapy for hard to heal wounds and infections. You can get a condition called myiasis from maggots in the intestine tract which can give you gastroenteritis ( an inflamation of the lining which you can get without maggots too! ) However most are killed by either chewing or digestive acids. You can have parasites in your body also, however they are types common to humans while maggots generally are not. And yes I have done my homework, 4 years and a degrees worth!!)


OMG, No, she is not okay !!! Maggots, INSIDE OF HER BODY IS TERRIBLE !!!! Maggots consume meat, and that's what your daughters inner body is. They're going to be eating her alive, and trust me, she didn't throw up all of them. She probably got it from infested food, this is not good, you need to get her stomach pumped or something.

No, maggots feed off dying and dead things. Could be some sort of other parasite, get her to a doctor.

I'm so glad that you went to the doctor!! I hope he gave you some answers. I had the thought that maybe there was an egg or something in something she ate. I know heads of lettuce have really nasty things in them, sometimes, if you don't clean them well enough. I don't know, just a thought. That's so gross, your poor daughter! I wish you the best of luck!

Funny, I am not a doctor, but I have heard of it. Maggots
are known to travel through the blood stream and actually
can go to your brain. Take your daughter to a real doctor.
Try to get info from Web Md. If you live in California, go
to Samsun Clinic in Santa Barbara. The doctors there have
practiced at the Mayo Clinic. If you think it could be that
serious, go to the Mayo Clinic.

OMG I doubt she's okay if sh threw up maggots.
One question: Live or dead maggots?

Yes, absolutely I would be very concerned. If the Dr. says he has no idea how it happened she should get some x-rays done and see whats going on in her stomach.

Yeah i would be very concerned and i would take her to the hospital at once because thats just gross.


is she little enough to have been eating them? they maybe even meal worms that like to live in flour, oats and bran.

The acid in her stomach would not allow them to breed there, but she has swallowed them from somewhere.

ew really!!!! i mean... i guess get her x-rayed or something see if there is anything in her...

I know most are gonna argue this.....but here it goes anyways. Most of us have parasites, in some cases they get out of hand like this. Not only your daughter , but we all should listen up, Have your daughter do a master cleanse, , the fresh cayenne kills the worms , but it important to do the cleanse for at least 10 days.
You still need to ask the doctor what she/he thinks you should do for your daughter.
A group of my friends and i are going to do this cleanse, and some have don it before, and they confessed to flushing worms down the toilet.
Don't eat pork , it is becoming heavy laden with worms, especially if you do not keep it really hot or cold. But even keeping it hot or cold will not keep the parasites away. Really check into vegetarian food, there is a abundance of good things to eat besides meat.
Dare you to do your homework folks, for those that don't believe me.
Sincerely . P.S. yes they can get to your brain , that is true! And yes while you are alive!!!!

maggots eat meat ! .. ur daughte could die they are literrly eating her alive .. GET HELP ASAP !!


I agree with Dynerz!! Nickname:GOT VANZ

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