What's the longest amount a woman can have inside her?!

Question: I was wondering what's the longest penis, in inches please, a woman can have inside her?

Answers: I was wondering what's the longest penis, in inches please, a woman can have inside her?

Quote : "With proper arousal, the vagina may stretch/contract to accommodate virtually any penis size (or sex toy/object within reason)"

mine 13 1/2

My penis is just 19"! :-(

A Shetland pony.

in any case.....no longer than a foot

well any sizes will do but not the whole thing can be pushed into it

I think this is a physiological question. It depends on the size of the woman. I don't think this is the question that you are asking, though. Is there another question you want to ask?

mine is 10' inch any body want

are you the same person who posted the question about your boyfriend having a small penis?? I

no limit.

depends on the woman. some can take up to 3 feet. some only a couple of inches.

the scientists says that the normal size can cause pregnancy is between 12 and 19 cm so i don't think that more than this can cause any problems for the women suck as penetrating the uterus or the ovaries .

there is no limit on the size yoou can have inside, any way the size has only a psychological edge & in reality it is the outer edge of the vagina that gives maximum stimulation.

Anything more than about 9 inches is painful to most women because of hitting the cervix.

Average length of a vagina is 4 to 7 inches. The vagina does stretch to accomodate the size of the guy but for me anything bigger than 8 or 9 isn't getting all the way in as I hate having my cervix bumped.

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