Can a guys penis really reach to your cervix?!

Question: My friend keeps saying how her boyfriends penis can reach all the way up to her cervix, I didn't know this was possible!

Answers: My friend keeps saying how her boyfriends penis can reach all the way up to her cervix, I didn't know this was possible!

Yes, it can. This depends on a number of factors:
*Size of penis;
*depth of vagina;
*level of arousal (the vaginal canal lengthens with arousal);
*position (some positions strike deeper than others);
*use of a condom(some guys thrust harder when wearing a condom as they are trying to feel more friction);
*and other reasons that I cannot think of at the moment.

The vagina is actually quite shallow. Next time you are in the shower, or during/after masturbation, or any other time you are comfortable, try placing a finger inside your self and have a feel around. You should be able to feel your cervix at the tip of your finger. It will be a hard fleshy kind of doughnut.
It's good to know what it feels like so you can tell if there are any abnormalities, such as lumps, and so you have a greater understanding of what your doctor says when you get a pap smear.

Hm.. I am not sure sorry. but that's pretty deep

not unless he's hung like a mule.

no it can not. It may feel that way, but not possible.

depends on the length of the guy yes it can most cervixs are only a finger length up get a gyn exam youll know then

Mine can...

Either he is a horse, or something is a bit on the long side of the story.

mine can ......................1

i always wondered if it could. ???

Yes, especially depending on the position the two of you are in when making love.

It's possible, when it does you can feel it.

Yes it is possible and causes pain. The guy has to have a rather large penis or her vagina isn't the average length on the inside even when turned on.

if he pushes in hard enough, and if his penis is long enough, then yes, it can. i've read about it, and it's happened to me. and it hurts!

what kinda guy? Is he a horse?

Yeah it is, it happens to me sometimes and even my boyfriend says he can feel it touch the cervix.

It's definately possible. I've had it happen, and it wasn't very comfortable.

Average women is only 4.5 -5.5 inches "deep" and at the back is the cervix.
Average man is 5.5-6 inches long
so yes they can reach....

yeah. you can reach it with fingers. its not that far deep. the vagina continues back farther, like a tunnel, and the cervix is at the top of it, not the a hole in the tunnel.


1) your friend might not even know where her cervix is. {you'd be suprised}
2) it may be her. she may just have a small vaginal canal.

Yes, it can, im pretty sure.

If your a small girl then your vag. probly isnt that deep. Especially if you have sex with a bigger guy lol.

Mine does.

mine can too!!!its great

its really painful when my boyf touch mines

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