My feet smell like yogurt!!!?!

Question: What should i do they smell gross im an athele so i run

Answers: What should i do they smell gross im an athele so i run

drink plenty of water,
keep open feet out of shoes
use commercial deodorant powder or
anti fungal sprinkle powder before wearing shoes

proper clean feet after a long run

change socks regularly and if possible dry shoes in sun light
to remove odor from shoes


enjoy running after all these

thats weird go to the doctors

well definately try and wash ur feet often with antibacterial soap and try baby powder! put it into ur socks so it keeps ur feet dry when u run and the odor isnt that bad =)

thats weird im an athlete[long distance runner and short] and my feet dunt smell bad. Go see a DOCTOR!!!

Keep your feet clean and dry if possible, there are many commercial products to help you out. Good Luck

you should try letting some one finger you? maybe me, i read that helps alot!!!!!!!!!!!

see a doctor

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