Three questions - when you have to pee on the highway?!

Question: Three questions - when you have to pee on the highway!?
I'm going on a long road trip and it seems whenever I drive I have to pee frequently! Yes I try to stop at gas stations or fast food when available but sometimes there just isn't one when I need to go!.

1!. Do you ever take toilet paper or kleenex in the car or something else!?

2!. Do you pee next to the car or run down into the ditch!?

3!. Is it alright to just drop the t!.p!. once you're done, or do you actually carry it back with you!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

I have the same problem!. My solution is not to drink anything two hours before and one last trip to the bathroom before leaving the house!. I always take extra kleenex (toilet paper is fine) and a small plastic bag to put the soiled tissues in!. During the trip I avoid coffee, tea or pop and drink only milk!.

One thing you might do, since its a long trip, is to try to plan ahead if you can!. Check out a road map and see what towns, cities etc are along the way you are traveling!. Example: if you have a fast food restaurant that is popular across the state or all states, look up where they are located!. Knowing where you can stop might take some of the pressure off your mind if you know when the next stop will be!.

If you will be traveling through long stretches of highway with no towns or cities or stops period, and you have to use the side of the road, take a blanket with you and if possible get someone to hold up the blanket so you can have some privacy!. Other wise open both side doors of the car and pee between them!. If it is a two door car then you are a bit stuck I'm afraid!. You could try parking more on an angle if there is room on the side of the road!. I always went farther back from the road and hid behind bushes or trees !.!.!.!. make sure that no vegetation touches your skin though!.

Hope this is helpful!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yes, take some toilet paper or kleenex with you, just bring a bag to put them in when you're done and you can throw them away at the next stop or when you get to your destination!. Also take some wet wipes or something for your hands!. And if you have a 4 door, just open the front and back door to shield you!. If not you can go in the ditch, just be careful (hopefully you're not by yourself)!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

I usually have kleenex or TP!. Go ahead and leave it in the ditch if you're in an area where it rains!. Try to use as little TP as possible in that case though!. If you open both the doors and use them as sheilds, go ahead an pee next to the car!. Check the state laws, and if it's illegal to pee on the highway, head down to the ditch!.

Look into maybe getting something like the P-Mate (http://www!.femalefreedom!.ca/)Www@Answer-Health@Com

1!. Yes, tissues, all the time!.

2!. I try to find a restroom somewhere!. I used to as a kid go beside the road or in a ditch, but nowadays you could get in trouble with the law for doing that!.

3!. You really should take it with you, because leaving it there can get you in trouble for littering!.

im a man so i just be behind the car door so nobody sees

i do take toilet paper if i have to number 2

if you go down a ditch its better nobody will see and less chance of getting cot

if you do drop the tp try to wet it or somthing
and burry it or cover it

never cary it back with you


Many people have peed in ditches!. It's not exactly legal, so be careful so you don't wind up with a ticket!. Bring something to wipe with, and do not leave it on the ground when you are done! Wrap it up and put it in the trash when you get the chance!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

1!. Yes

2!. Down the ditch or if the ditch is gross looking, behind the open door at the side

3!. Bury it (it's biodegradable)!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

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