Why am i crying so much?!

Question: Why am i crying so much!?
I can't understand something that's going on with me, maybe someone here can help :)!.!.!.My little problem is that i cry ALL the time, at every little thing, no matter if it's sad or happy or angry whatever!.!.!.the point is that before, about 2 years ago, i wouldn't shed a tear if i saw the saddest thing, i was like a rock, but now i cry at every "happy" scene on tv or some memories (mostly bad ones)!.!.!.my mom used to cry at sad and happy things all the time but now i cry more than her!.!.!.maybe it's some hormonal change or something but i don't know!.!.!.anyone have ideas as to why this has happened!? it's kind of annoying crying all the time!.!.!.the part i don't get is why such a HUGE change from not crying at all to all of a sudden i'm the queen of tears all day every day!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

It sounds to me like a horomonal change, or you are depressed!. When I was depressed I cried all the time, for no reason!. Try to work on something that makes you happy!. What interests you!? Scrapbooking, shopping, reading!? Try to do more of this, or take up a new hobby!. Also see a doctor, in case it is horomones!. Hope this helps!Www@Answer-Health@Com

you sound like you have depression!. I am on anit depresants and they do help!. I do not feel like crying on them so maybe you need to start taking anit depressants, go and see your doctor about it!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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